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Share: open the hotel marketing is beautiful Huizhou Sohu and Guangdong province in 2016 tourism work conference in February 25th in the scenic city of Huizhou goose held the international golden key organization Deputy Secretary General China District long, general manager of Shenzhen Mission Hills Resort Hotel Mr. Tang Weiliang attended the annual meeting of the province’s important tourism industry. Mr. Tang Weiliang worked in Huizhou from 2006 to 2013, worked in Huizhou City, the first five star Kande International Hotel, starting as a deputy general manager, in 2009 he was promoted to general manager in 2013, due to the work of development into a larger business platform. Seven years in Huizhou, Mr. Tang Weiliang under the leadership of Kande’s support, to join the hotel team elite, fine management, personalized service, market operation, play a "natural," comprehensive advantages, adapt to the market, innovative thinking, and actively expand the city development, grasp the market opportunities, and the team together to create a better economic benefits and social benefits, to participate in training a group of hotel industry management team, actively introduce the internationalization management idea and the local market combined with the international golden key organization, the American Hotel Association, Institute of education, Zhongshan University, Huizhou University, Huizhou business and tourism schools to establish cooperation mechanism in many industries and tourism colleges, for the construction of "knowledge + skill" training, "internationalization + localization" management concept," Enterprise + industry, Hotel + travel, marketing, make a useful exploration and practice. Dongjiang Times interview reprint now on Mr. Tang Weiliang, entitled "the hotel is open, selling is great beauty Huizhou, welcome to share. The hotel is open from REPRINT marketing is the beauty of Huizhou Tang Weiliang believes that only the development of tourism in Huizhou city hotel industry to boost prosperity Huizhou Kande International Hotel general manager Tang Weiliang. "Dongjiang times" reporter Fang Bing Xu photo ^ guabang Ge ^ – Feng Zhuyuan Chongxu Luofu Mountain View Huizhou two rivers and four banks in the night. This version of the picture (except the sign) "Dongjiang times" picture column words in recent years with the Huizhou tourism booming, Huizhou tourism is a big sign in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, many people preferred tourist resort in Huizhou. While traveling in Huizhou behind the brand, there are so many people dedicated to pay travel. They are innovative, bold, the travel agency in Huizhou to a new level; they tirelessly, dare to pioneer, enhance the Huizhou scenic area grade; their pursuit of exquisite, perfect achievements, promote the development of Huizhou Hotel industry; they work hard, passion, will show a new image of beautiful Huizhou to tourists; they are in Huizhou tourism Master. Master file name: Tang Weiliang gender: male age: 38 position: general manager of Kande International Hotel Huizhou concept: want to do the best Huizhou Hotel, the first thing is to be in the beautiful city of Huizhou for tourists. – "Dongjiang times" reporter Zhang相关的主题文章: