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Sin City – Lagos (three) – Sohu of Lagos tourism (Lagos) is Nigeria’s largest city, but also its economy, but it has a reputation for sin city, brought Sin City, had to talk about the casino. Casinos in Nigeria is a legitimate business, there are so many Chinese here to open a casino, the play also is certainly not Chinese, also a lot of local people, but there are almost all casinos in the night business is good, the day almost no business. A coincidence casino staff and I live in the same hotel, the rest of their time is to sleep during the day and go to work at night, because they are coming from China, so we laugh when they return home to the jet lag. Of course, the casino here is not as tall as Macao, such signs have been considered good. There are some in such a humble doorway. Casino projects in the majority of baccarat. There must be a place where the casino, there must be blood, tears, history… Look at the picture of the summit are lucky enough to live in a Chinese hotel, heard a lot of stories. Listen to the one here for 30 years Taiwan granny said, had a Chinese fishing boat crew arrived here, the casino, the results of plugging up all in here, jumped into the the Atlantic port. Several of my friends who live in this hotel are also frequent visitors to the hotel, including hotel chefs and bosses. Because there is little entertainment in the evening, the casino is almost the only entertainment, and how much depends on their own economic strength, but often after the loss is very miserable to understand. I lived here for more than a month’s time, has heard that a boss has lost more than 1 million yuan, oh, for local currency naira, has been on the million. But the friend is the big boss, so also not injured in the sinews or bones. The other few will be distressed about their wealth, and almost all lost 1~2 million, but the chef seems to be able to, basically flat. The hotel owner has worked hard in Nigeria for decades, she said to listen more to the story, but also is a tragedy from the majority, but no matter how little he Huan, and life will go on, the sun also rises…相关的主题文章: