Single men stabbed two neighbor chaos axe suspected by the dog dispute (video)-winavi

Single men stabbed two neighbor chaos axe suspected by the dog over a single man love small animal building, raised more than 30 large and small dogs, mostly for stray dogs. For a long time, the neighbors living upstairs complained, but no one could stop him. No one expected that the man who raised the dog would lift the axe to the neighbor who lives upstairs, which led to the tragedy. Residents suspect that the tragedy or the rise of contradictions caused by dog disturbance related. Yesterday morning at about 8, in Tiexi District of Anshan city in the Old District eight shijiazi happened in a murder case, lives on the 1 floor of the 2 floor guard to kill. "It’s so scary that I dare not go out."." Resident name. The accident of the residential building is located at Shaw primary school across from the front steps of Building 2 unit 2 meters there is a large pool of blood, the victim is left. After the incident, the police set up cordon around, and investigate the case. "Upstairs and downstairs living, how can you get down to this ruthless hand?"!" In the building of an aunt said she couldn’t recall the victim lying on the ground. The aunt pointed to the window of the 1 floor, said, assailant more than 50 years old, usually and nobody speak, live alone, personality is more eccentric. Around the neighbor said, as early as 8 Xu, living in the 2 floor of the victim from the outside to go inside the building, just went to the door of the unit, the assailant was chopped to the head with an ax. The victim turned out to escape, just can span 3 steps high, was the assailant up two axe from behind, then dropped onto the ground. At this point, the assailant was still in a state of excitement. He waved his axe across the building door and shouted, "nobody is allowed to come over here."." A few neighbors tried to dissuade him, and they were frightened by it. Until the police arrived, the assailant just hid inside the room. And the victim in spite of the doctor’s rescue, still died. After the assailant was taken away by the police, the residents in the community were still terrified: "do not have a dog can do such a big thing?"" The man living in the west side of the house close to the building, there is a small yard with barbed wire nets, which raised more than a dozen dogs. Residents showed that the most more than 30 men were dogs, most of them were picked up stray dogs, calling all day long. "Plus this environment, the boss of the summer, who lives upstairs, who bad luck." Neighbors said, upstairs residents have looked for the 1 floor, but no one can convince him, most choose forbearance. Some residents suspect that the occurrence of tragedy may be related to the contradiction of dog breeding. The claim has yet to be confirmed by the police. Crazy stabbed wounding two men in the street revenge attack

单身男乱斧砍杀二楼邻居 疑因养狗起争执一楼单身男子喜欢小动物,养了大大小小30余只狗,大多为流浪狗。长期以来,住在楼上的邻居多有怨言,但无人能阻止他。谁也没想到,养狗男子将斧头举向了住在其楼上的邻居,酿成惨剧。居民怀疑,惨剧或与养狗扰民造成的矛盾升级有关。昨日上午8时左右,在鞍山市铁西区八家子地区一老旧小区内发生了一起杀人案,住在1楼的把住2楼的给杀了。“太吓人了,我都不敢出门了。”居民称。出事的居民楼位于逸夫小学对面,距离该楼2单元门前台阶下2米处有一大摊血迹,是受害人留下的。事发后,警方在周围设置了警戒线,并对此案展开调查。“楼上楼下住着,怎么能下得去这狠手啊!”住在该楼的一位阿姨称,她不敢回忆当时受害者躺在地上的惨状。这位阿姨指着1楼窗户说,行凶者50多岁,平时和谁都不说话,就一个人住,性格比较孤僻。周围邻居说,早8时许,住在2楼的受害人从外面往楼里走,刚走到单元门内,就被行凶者用斧子砍到头部。受害人转身向外躲避,可刚跨下3级高的台阶,就被行凶者从后面补了两斧,随后一头栽倒在地上。此时行凶者仍处亢奋状态,他挥舞着斧头横在楼门前,口中还喊着:“谁也不许过来。”原本有几位邻居欲上前劝阻,也被这架势吓了回去。直至警察赶到后,行凶者方才躲到室内藏了起来。而受害人虽经医生抢救,仍不治身亡。行凶者被警察带走后,小区内的居民仍胆战心惊:“不养狗能出这么大的事吗?”行凶男子居室西侧紧贴楼体处有一处用铁丝网圈起来的小院,里面养了十余只狗。居民们反映,行凶男子最多时养了30多只狗,大多是捡来的流浪狗,整日叫个不停。“再加上这环境,夏天老大味了,谁住楼上谁倒霉。”邻居称,楼上居民也都找过1楼,但谁也无法说服他,大多选择忍。有居民怀疑,悲剧的发生可能与养狗产生的矛盾有关。该说法尚未得到警方证据。 疯狂砍杀伤人 两男子当街报复行凶相关的主题文章: