SMG, reference Sage Derby 3 single Wendan Middlesbrough unbeaten home

SMG, sage reference: Derbyshire home court unbeaten single 3 Middlesbrough Wendan sage SMG 032 Middlesbrough VS Bournemouth wins the Premier League tenth round, to qualify for the second championship promoted Middlesbrough last season ranked 16 in the home court of Bournemouth. The first 9 league games 1 wins 4 flat 4 negative into 7 ball lost 11 goals on goal difference advantage temporarily ranked fourth, start from the performance of the team’s overall strength is relatively weak, especially the home court no 1 wins and nearly three game losing streak, but the last round of fighting in a 0-0 draw with Arsenal, the momentum of the end of its six strong gluten straight, for the team to improve a lot. The visiting team is currently 3 wins 3 flat 3 negative into 12 ball lost 12 ball tenth place to start, the team is relatively stable, but the 5 road 2 flat 3 negative, it is relying on its home court points. The two teams played last time or early 15, the reference value is not big. Macao Pan Asia chupan 0.78 tie 1.08, objectively reflects the overall strength of the two teams in the state, is more optimistic about the home team, keep the Macao 1.10 and early 0.76 half by injection, the company also has the same tendency, the first for the 2.50 3.13 2.90 day Libo, 2.50 3.11 and 3.02 instant dish is consistent, and the company the compensation level is high, the home team should be able to get three points, sub selected so that the main tie. The 039 Derby VS Sheffield Wednesday Sheng Ping championship, Derbyshire took home court against Sheffield Wednesday, the two teams last season in the league’s fifth to sixth, the same as the upstream team. The home team this season at 3 wins 5 flat 6 negative into 7 ball lost 11 ball temporarily ranked 21, the team this season’s goal is the promotion promotion, but the overall poor performance, especially the attack is relatively weak, had 5 consecutive games only scored 1 goals, the last round of fighting Huddersfield opponents in the last moments of lost lore, but the team nearly 6 games 2 wins 2 flat 2 negative overall state improve slightly. The first 14 rounds of 7 wins 3 flat 4 negative 16 goals and conceded 15 goals behind the fifth team this season, with promotion to the premier, to start the team’s overall performance is acceptable, especially in the past 6 games 4 wins 1 flat 1 negative state better. The two teams met nearly 4 times, Derby County 1 wins 3 flat, slightly windward. The two previous overall performance point of view, the Asian plate 1.04 0.78 Macao chupan Pingban, other companies are out of the main let deuce low water, have the tendency of the note by the Macao, 1.06 companies have even half 0.76 liters, the main let flat half, the home team continued, but on high water to draw or preparedness, compensate at the beginning of 2.40 3.20 2.90 / 2.40 Libo, instant 3 3.10 pull the main level provided the main negative and the disc remain the same, the field of color selected wins, flat, sub selected so that the main tie.

圣哲竞彩心水参考:德比郡主场不败 米堡单3稳胆 圣哲竞彩   032 米德尔斯堡VS伯恩茅斯 胜   英超第10轮,以英冠第二晋级升班的米德尔斯堡主场迎来上赛季排名16位的伯恩茅斯。主队联赛前9轮1胜4平4负进7球失11球以净胜球优势暂时排名倒数第四,从开局表现来看球队整体实力还是稍显薄弱,尤其主场未有1胜且近三场连败,但上轮客战以0-0逼平阿森纳,终结其六连胜的强筋势头,对球队士气提升不少。客队目前3胜3平3负进12球失12球暂列第10,开赛来球队整体发挥较为稳定,但5个客场2平3负,看来主场才是其拿分的依靠。两队上次交手还是15年初,参考价值不大。亚盘初盘澳门0.78平手1.08,客观的体现了两队的整体实力状态,较为看好主队,受注后澳门1.10平 半0.76与初期保持一致,各公司也都有相同倾向,欧赔初赔立博2.50 3.13 2.90,即时2.50 3.11 3.02也与亚盘保持一致,且各公司的平赔高居不下,主队应可全取三分,亚指选主让平手。   039 德比郡VS谢菲尔德星期三 胜平   英冠,德比郡坐镇主场迎战谢菲尔德星期三,两队上赛季分列联赛的第5第6位,同为上游实力球队。本赛季主队目前3胜5平6负进7球失11球暂时排名21位,球队本赛季的目标本是晋级升班,但前期整体表现糟糕,尤其进攻较为乏力,曾连续5场比赛只打进1球,上轮客战哈德斯菲尔德被对手在最后时刻绝杀惜败,不过球队近6场2胜2平2负整体状态稍有提升。客队前14轮7胜3平4负得16球失15球暂列第5,球队本赛季目标同为晋级英超,开赛来球队整体表现尚可,尤其近6场4胜1平1负状态渐佳。两队近4次碰面德比郡1胜3平稍处上风。以两队前期整体表现来看,亚盘初盘澳门1.04平 半0.78,其他公司也大都开出主让平手低水,都对主队有所倾向,受注后澳门1.06平 半0.76,各公司纷纷升主让平半,持续看好主队,但上盘高水对平局还是有所防备,欧赔初赔立博2.40 3.20 2.90,即时2.40 3.00 3.10拉主平提主负也与亚盘保持了一致,本场国彩选胜、平,亚指选主让平手。相关的主题文章: