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"Entourage" Jin Huiren attractive new actor of high-profile Sohu Jin Huiren entertainment Sohu in Korean entertainment news popular TV series "entourage" rookie debut actor Jin Huiren has been highly concerned about. TvN file in the drama "entourage", Jin Huiren plays a stylish decoration designer "Xu Zhian", perfect to show the transition from pure little girl image to the image of the atmosphere and charm, eight color display bird caught the eye of the audience. Clear eyes and rational temperament, appeared for the first time, is impressive, and with stable acting into play, fully meet the audience for "super newcomer" sense of anticipation. The 5 day broadcast of "entourage" set in second, in order to give Xu Kangjun (Che Yingbin ornaments) house decoration consultation, Xu Zhian and (Li Haozhen) Che Yingbin, Pu Zhengmin, Lee Guangzhu (Che Jun ornaments), the tortoise (Lee Dong Hui ornaments). Before the formal greeting, Xu Zhian and Li Haozhen have met in the parking lot, Xu Zhian outstanding beauty and clever temperament deeply caught Li Haozhen’s eye, although it was only a short moment, but a strong sense of presence. And Xu Zhian in the pool party and Li Haozhen was pleased to greet accidentaly across, show the special affinity, and heard Li Haozhen said "we still met the same…" After Xu Zhian said: "we have not met two times, go", it is natural to hold Li Haozhen’s wrist into the party, cool charm gives concise plot fresh vitality. Li Haozhen looked at Xu Zhian all eyes bright and cheerful appearance, showing concern for her, causing the audience curiosity on the subsequent development of romance. In this way, Jin Huiren naturally demonstrated the charm of the eight – color bird ‘Xu Zhian’ corner, the first appearance of a sudden attracted the audience. Through the "entourage", Jin Huiren comet like appearance in the entertainment industry, as a pure charm and wisdom have super attractive to new role debut, the successful completion of the Jin Huiren declaration debut is very concerned about her next acting activities. In addition, Zhao Zhenxiong, Xu Kangjun, Lee Guangzhu, Pu Zhengmin, Li Donghui, Ahn Sohee, Jin Huiren starred in the tvN file in the drama "entourage" every Friday, six points on 11.   相关的主题文章: