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Such as "Yi Zhuan" first exposure stills Wallace Huo   Xun Zhou Xian " " – Anhui killed affectionately on the TV; channel — such as Yi and Qianlong gaze October 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wu Yaxiong) produced by the new Laguna TV, the original author Liu Lianzi screenwriter, director Wang Jun and producer Li Xiaobiao, Huang Lan Ren featuring production director of the Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast in the legendary masterwork "such as Yi biography" released today for the first time the drama stills photos, starring Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo, Janine Chang, Yao Tong, Xin Zhilei, Li Chun, Hu He et al. The role of modeling lead exposure. Still, whether Qian Longdi’s robes or clothes, and Houfei’s hair ornaments, all revealed exquisite gorgeous style. According to the drama producer Huang Lan said: "as for the" Yi Zhuan "grand and magnificent legendary masterpiece, we still adhere to the" historical drama production standards "requirement of the whole group, the overall production of clear positioning in the" new classical ", the theme will be reflected in each production level, photography, art, clothing, props, characters, etc.." After the emperor in "on kill" trust the play without looking at the beginning of the boot, the film side was first released a "holding face kill" such as the Qianlong emperor Yi after intimate interaction, sweet all evil. In the exposure of the stills photos, Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo again "sugar", offer a two people, looking at each other "full of silently conveyed tenderness on kill" stills, once again firmly attracted everyone’s eyes. It is reported that the play has filmed scenes mainly in Yangxin temple, Yan Xi palace and Mulan Wei Chang, and "Yan Xi Palace" as emperor ascended the throne, such as the first place in the palace after Yi, a lot of scenes in the scene of two people. In this scene, such as Yi heart to the future, do not have rumors of worries, but there was Qian Long will be full of confidence to protect her well. While single stills two people, Xun Zhou at chess undecided, Wallace Huo frowned thoughtfully instantly capture, these feelings are filled in their deep with exquisite performance. The elegant and charming figure empress and fate in the fusion at the same time, also released stills exposure of several important characters: the drama empress Janine Chang as the "highland" headdress and elegant, a snow white clothes with elegant and refined feeling; Yao Tong played the "high?" Seiko clothing embroidery, "a three ear clamp" earrings is exquisite; Xin Zhilei plays "Jin Yuyan" the Hongyan dazzling beautiful hands salute between Li Chun’s "; Wei Wan?" gold luxury, holding a ruby ring secretly thought; Hu He’s "Su Lvyun" gentle smile, hair and clothing complement each other and not to lose the PinFei flag dignified…… According to the play style guide Chen Tongxun introduced: "because" such as Yi Chuan "script involves many characters, the time span in the Qianlong period before and after more than 60 years, is unprecedented prosperity and flourishing Dynasty, so clothing style both full of cultural heritage", and combines the development of Chinese culture needs to be modified, all the role of youth to change the identity of the old age, change reflected, more need to make clothes and characters, matched with makeup, and scene." Role modeling in respect of the audience相关的主题文章: