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Taiyuan traffic police to the area of "zombies" under the "ultimatum" Taiyuan evening news (reporter Meng Huiwen photo) yesterday, the city traffic police detachment two brigade to Jiancaoping area an unlicensed "zombie" with "illegal parking notice", the vehicle owners will be removed within 3 days. It is understood that if the owners ignore, the traffic police will be forced off according to law. In September 20th, Ms. Song people call our hotline said: Jiancaoping street and Bei San Xiang, Jiancaoping intersection, a car without a license for the blue van parked on the sidewalk. Because of the long time does not move, the body below a large accumulation of garbage, has become "the corner of health, shelter evil people and countenance evil practices" to the disposal of the relevant departments. The reporter then arrived at the scene, saw the car without a license truck rusting, dry tire cushion stone, and the window body posted a small ad, van manger is also provided with a simple container, the container with a substantial advertising paper training school. For a long time not to "break" the body, the accumulation of a large number of rotten wood, and plastic bags and other garbage rags. Subsequently, the reporter to reflect the matter to the police department. Yesterday morning, reporters in the "zombie" on the window to see a "illegal parking this book": "no license plate of motor vehicle owner: you are in the place of illegal parking, in violation of the provisions of the" road traffic safety law "fifty-sixth, please today for 3 days to drag, otherwise I will brigade in accordance with the" road traffic safety law "forced drag." Inscribed to the city traffic police detachment two brigade jiancaoping. Nearby residents, this is a list of the traffic police had just posted, everybody is very supportive. (source: Mr. Song rebellion fee: 30 yuan)

太原交警给辖区内“僵尸车”下“最后通牒”   太原晚报讯 (记者孟辉文 摄)昨日,市交警支队尖草坪二大队给辖区一辆无牌“僵尸车”贴上《违法停车告知书》,限车主3日内将车辆移走。据了解,如果车主置之不理,交警将依法强制拖离。9月20日,市民宋女士致电本报热线称:尖草坪街与尖草坪北三巷交叉口,一辆无牌蓝色货车长期停在人行道上。由于长时间不挪动,车身下面堆积了大量垃圾,成了“藏污纳垢”的卫生死角,希望相关部门处置。   记者随后到场,看到这辆无牌货车锈迹斑斑,干瘪的轮胎下垫着石头,车窗及车身上张贴着小广告,货车的马槽上还安有一个简易集装箱,集装箱上贴着一家培训学校的大幅广告纸。由于长时间不“挪窝”,车身下堆积着大量烂木板、碎布头和塑料袋等垃圾。随后,记者向交警部门反映了此事。   昨日上午,记者在这辆“僵尸车”车窗上看到一张《违法停车告知书》:“无号牌车主:你的机动车在该地点违法停放,违反了《道路交通安全法》第五十六之规定,请于即日起3日内自行拖移,否则我大队将按照《道路交通安全法》进行强制拖移。”落款为市交警支队尖草坪二大队。附近居民介绍,这张单子是交警此前刚刚贴的,大伙儿非常支持。   (报料人:宋先生报料费:30元)相关的主题文章: