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Health Temporary short term health insurance can be a huge relief for you and your family if you suddenly find yourself without health insurance benefits. This type of insurance will provide you with coverage for major illnesses and injuries. It can also assist you with routine checkups and prescriptions under the guidelines of some programs. You may also be able to obtain dental coverage as a package deal. This type of insurance plan is generally allocated for a time frame of one month to one year, depending on your needs. This type of insurance program is a great investment for those who are between insurance plans, unemployed, self employed, in college, laid off, or who are seasonally employed. For some individuals, temporary short term health insurance is cheaper that the COBRA program offered by their employer. Most .panies who offer this type of insurance allow you to pay the premium on a monthly basis. The premium will depend on various factors including the state you reside in, your age, health, type of coverage you are wanting, and if you are getting an individual plan or a family plan. Some plans will require you to get a health examine and inquire about tobacco habits as well. Almost all temporary short term health insurance programs have a deductible. This means you will have a portion that you pay out of pocket before the plan will pay anything. Most plans allow you to choose your deductible amounts. You will likely have a different deductible amount for emergency room care than you do for in hospital treatment. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly premium will be. However, be careful not to choose a deductible that is so high you can’t afford it. Temporary short term health insurance coverage is an excellent idea for anyone without health insurance. More than 16 million plans are issued in the United States each year. Health insurance is something everyone will need at one time or another. Just one uncovered incident can cost you thousands of dollars. To find out the plans available in your state, contact your insurance agent or search online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: