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Travel-and-Leisure In the heart of Tuscany: an exclusive place to regenerate body and spirit while immersed in both the nature and history of this splendid region. To find wellness and energy in the most pleasant way: natural medicine, aesthetic medicine, thermal baths, mud, massages, physiotherapy and much more. The land on which the Hotel Terme di Pitigliano sits was known since antiquity for the beneficial properties of the waters that comes forth from its springs. Some researchers, basing their studies on some objects dating back to the 4th century AD that were found in a cave nearby the Hotel’s park, assume that the inhabitants of these lands knew of the phenomenon much before the Etruscans or the Romans. The first sure known use of the thermal waters goes back, though, to Etruscan-Roman times: belonging to that period are some terracotta objects (votive offering), testifying to the presence of a temple linked to the curative properties of the waters which sprang up from the underground and filled the natural basins formed by the travertine. During the Romanization period, characterized by the construction in the area of numerous villas and of Pagi, small rural settlements, the exploitation of this precious natural resource was started with the construction of small canals and with the building of a true thermal center. Very recent archeological digs at the edge of the park are bringing to light the remains of that ancient thermal construction. With the end of the Empire, the use of the thermal center also stopped, but the hot waters were used up to the mid 20th century to fill the basins used in the maceration of hemp in the process of manufacturing rope. The new thermal center at Pitigliano proposes very high-quality spa programs that are ready to meet the most demanding needs: from the achievement of psychological and physical balance, to detoxification from daily stress, all the way to aesthetic programs and physiotherapy. Each day high level professionals and specialized doctors take care of the guests by devising personalized programs for them, and adapting treatments to a holistic notion of well-being which focuses on the person’s wellness and interior balance. As truly alternative methods, the majority of the treatments fall under Natural Medicine practices which are also sensitive to environmental sustainability. After the treatments, guests can regenerate the mind and the spirit with thermal waters that have a sulfuric-bicarbonate-calcic-magnesic component and spring up at a temperature of 34C. Moreover, all of this happens in a natural outside setting of rare purity which generates a beneficial relaxation by means of all the senses. Hotel Terme di Pitigliano is located in the heart of Maremma, in a particularly fertile land that is steeped in history. Protected by the hills, and away from the bustle of city life, this exclusive Tuscan wellness center combines the traditional concept of curative thermal baths with the more modern spa concept where one can achieve mind and body balance. Guests will be surrounded by a very professional medical staff who is highly trained to provide the best care and who is aware of all the client’s needs: the programs offered in the thermal center of Pitigliano are especially designed to meet all sorts of needs and requirements. The thermal complex consists of 28,000 sq m distributed over a 10-hectare thermal park area, in a pristine environment with old rural homes in complete harmony with the landscape, with vineyards that from Etruscan times have been producing excellent wine, and with olive groves yielding the fruit for the very fine grade extra-virgin oil. The establishment is made up of 3 buildings, with the first one exclusively used for thermal treatments. On the main floor of the other two buildings, you will find the hotel’s reception, lounge, bar, restaurant, and meeting room, as well as the wellness center and other thermal treatments, while rooms are mainly found on the floors above. "La Favisa" Restaurant, is indicative of the highest quality found here, capable of meeting the needs of the most refined gourmets, with a natural vegetarian cuisine for those who want to enjoy themselves yet want to remain fit. In the park you will find two thermal pools, one reserved exclusively for those staying at the hotel and the other reserved for outside visitors, with a maximum capacity of 300 clients per day with Bar, Cafeteria, locker rooms, and bathrooms. The rooms of Hotel Terme di Pitigliano were designed to provide guests with a feeling of wellness and relaxation : rooms are spacious, done with light colors, with furnishings with clean lines, natural fabrics, and high quality materials. The atmosphere found in the rooms is in tune with the spirit of this prestigious Thermal center of Tuscany where every detail has been studied to create an overall balanced and pleasant experience. The hotel offers 18 double rooms, from the Smart Nest which are inviting and cozy, to the Precious Nest, each with exclusive comforts such as telephone, ADSL, mini bar, satellite TV, and safe. In addition, elegant junior suite and marvelous large suites are available, perfect to enjoy a unique and memorable vacation. 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