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Health Lately, while watching a reality television show, I was amazed on how the aging anxieties people share are portrayed through their broadcasted actions. From botox injections to cosmetic surgery, women and men are battling against the fact that they are not getting any younger as time progresses. During a later dinner festivity with a group of friends, I expressed my amazement on how popular these shows are and tried to .prehend why people experience this aging journey as something one should avoid or at least lessen its negative implications. But, in my point of view, the greatest battle is not the one a terrified individual gives with his or her bodily changes. Attaining a specific spiritual stage to consciously cope with this challenging aging process is the most important step one must take. A person should not feel guilty for being conscious of the fact that as years go by the once present physical capabilities gradually reduce. It is only natural that the older version of one’s body is not capable to function and perform the same as it once did. But, from understanding the changes age brings to the table to performing all sorts of unnecessary and frequently dangerous actions to prevent the face and body people carry every day from altering, a huge difference exists. It is only advisable that people should try to maintain an active and fit self through exercising, eating properly and avoiding dangerous practices. At the same time, in order to stay younger looking and keep healthy, experts support that it is imperative for people to study this aging process and invest time and effort to focus on those parameters that will enable them to continue feeling able to perform and be mentally active. Social psychologists and a variety of researchers have illustrated through their studies’ findings that maintaining an active and fit mind is equally important to maintain the body figure into shape. From the Alzheimer’s disease to depression, older people who have not been exposed to the right spiritual stimuli are prone to feel worthless and incapable of functioning during this challenging aging journey. Thus, it is crucial for their mental health to express and share their concerns, study the aging process and understand the of their vulnerability. In order for one to safely embark the aging journey, avoiding wrinkles or hair loss is not enough. However, starting to exercise the spirit after the age milestone one has in mind is not an advisable practice according to experts. Although the "better late than never" motto is always a good excuse, people should try to exercise their spirits from an early age and maintain their active levels high during their lifetime. Meditating, spending some time alone, .mune with nature, perform yoga or Pilates, are some of the techniques people employ to keep their spirits alive. Moreover, allowing youths to join this vulnerable aging journey creates the right type of "partners in crime" and gives them an opportunity to examine closer the difference that aging wisely can bring to one’s life. Thus, next time you take a long and hard look in the mirror, try to surpass the feelings of anger and resentment for the face and body you have to transfer to bed every night. Embrace the aging journey as a chance to experience life through the eyes of an open mind. It does pay after all to know thyself and next time you are surrounded by those "fortunate" younger friends of yours you will be able to share an interesting story they will love to hear. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: