The building was covered with scaffolding took the opportunity to climb into the theft of

Outside the building is full of scaffolding during the thief climb into the theft of Wenzhou city took the opportunity to station road renovation project of households, a thief climbed on residents outside the building scaffolding burglary. Yesterday, I heard a teacher Bo Li was detained by Lucheng police. This is: outside the building covered with scaffolding, they took the opportunity to climb; three families was a thief, to pay close attention to the matter! October 27th morning, the city of Hong Lou Station Road, a residential building 3, building 5 consecutive cases of theft from home. Wenzhou Lucheng District Public Security Bureau Hung Temple police station after two days of continuous video tracking, on the evening of 1 this month, the City Shuangyu a business hotel, Lee successfully arrested. Subsequently, the police in Lee’s temporary office seized a laptop computer 3, 1 tablet computer, the victim victim identity cards, bank cards stolen goods. Handling the police told the teacher Bo, Lee arrested after refusing to confess their crimes, but because of irrefutable evidence yesterday morning, the police will be "zero confession" Lee xingju. According to the understanding of the primary teacher, houses located near downtown Station Road overpass dawn, because of the comprehensive renovation of the station is currently on the road, building facade renovation and upgrading (expected to be completed before the end of the year), and on the outside of the building is full of scaffolding, Lee is climbing upstairs by this crime. Here, the teacher "to remind residents along the road, the renovation period attention locked doors and windows, strengthen prevention.相关的主题文章: