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The capital with entertainment masks swept all the way, what you can get through the winter – the B12 two technology Sohu | butterfly diagram | B12 database according to organize production throughout August seems to have been no break, a variety of hot explosion point, roaring bursting point trance people, everything is entertainment, but more than entertainment. Ma Yun strategic investment could just Chinese yum, another attack Alipay layout line scene. The scripts are "raking": 25 years Kentucky refused interview, "now severely revenge various scripts — KFC, Pizza Hut China received angry business, netful flow series. Baoqiang Wang "divorce door" tear force has not in the past, famous director Zhang Jizhong seems to follow, and a "derailed" property "will be staged farce. "Enthusiasm" and evil people eat melon, are you ready? Last time the baby does not cry, but refresh the new peak of sina traffic? Of course, in addition to a variety of gossip onlookers, the capital of the world is also a lot of small stories. "The beauty of a woman, a loss of their own" beauty, will be in the fourth quarter of this year in Hongkong IPO. "Looks beautiful" beautiful figure in the end how to make money? There is the layout of the field of artificial intelligence, Baidu brain, can fall BAT three for Baidu to save some face it? Seems to be "too much" worry about things, even the public number can be changed this kind of thing is enough to make many people worry. ". May not be able to be renamed "instead life", the number of public ocean already can not tolerate those nameless "zombie". But you are always absent-minded, once "feelings or lost" ecological emotion scraper, LETV buy a hammer mobile phone rumors since four, but now it seems to have lost. And the burned 5 billion, "" the "Teng million disband" reasonable analysis of speech, this also seems to be sinking. Recently, "rectification" quietly offline knowledge "should" pay a claim "the best is yet to come", it is reported that in the two days to move it, do not know what will be a major drama. Hot summer heat gradually into the tail stage, the winter capital in this heatwave temporarily recovered a bit of god. B12 August combing financing data of a total of 293, compared with July growth of 17.4%, broke the first four months of sluggish growth. Although the G20 period, delicacy beauty is dazzling, but the data behind the small doorway is interesting. Capital preference or entertainment, business services, business entertainment capital chemical effects should not be underestimated, the field in 44 case, there is no suspense again strong screen in August financing data table, this is the second since June, third times won the entertainment. It seems that the capital + entertainment suction gold will continue, electricity providers are beginning to go on the content, the basic good entertainment, in the capital of the catalyst, the imagination is amazing. Now the entertainment carnival, do not forget to take care of "capital", Hsu Chi Stephen Fung, a big show of happiness at the same time, the "business" is also a little bride chops left, while in Angelbaby, Fan Bingbing, Liu Shishi, Ruby Lin and other stars being one.相关的主题文章: