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The doctor put the baby out of the stomach, mother and two small things – the baby mouth of the Sohu when the doctor put the baby out of my tummy, found two small teeth in her mouth, let my heart can not help a surprised, on the operating table constantly asked the doctor, "doctor, not long teeth impact on children?" Hear the doctor said it does not matter, the baby is very healthy, only to lay down their hearts. Wait for the nurse to put the baby for me when I go to see her mouth small teeth, this is the central two teeth are long in the right side of her gums, somewhat crooked, the left is very nice. The first time I heard about the newborn baby teeth, actually happened in their children! The baby was born on the second day, I have colostrum, excited to hold the baby to feed her, I did not expect the newborn baby will bite, bite is still very painful. On the fourth day, nipples hurt more. No way, and then have to insist on feeding her pain, after all, breastfeeding is good ah! A birth is long tooth, how to return a responsibility? A newborn delivery out there in the oral cavity teeth called viviparous teeth. There is also a new type of tooth, the tooth that grows within 30 days after the baby is born. Sometimes, viviparous teeth may be more teeth, or extra teeth, but most of them just ahead of the general tooth is adorable, other baby about six months to the adorable baby teeth. Viviparous teeth to see? Some sources say that 16000 of newborns have viviparous teeth, there are data that occur rate is about 12700. However, there are studied 7155 infants, found that 10 babies have teeth that is viviparous, the incidence rate is about 1716. Need to unplug the tooth extraction will result in lack of teeth, pronunciation is not standard, and other issues, and may even affect the child’s psychological development of unsightly. Experts said, but sometimes the bottle of milk teeth are friction tongue tie, the result of a traumatic ulcer, it is necessary to change the feeding way. In addition, a few deciduous teeth root development is short, easy to loose and fall off, there is danger of suffocation caused by falling into the organ, so we need to unplug. How to discover in time, the parents have to carefully observe. Although the viviparous tooth occurrence rate is very low, but if the parents encounter this kind of situation, don’t panic, it will not cause damage to the health of children, parents can decide to pull and pull in the doctor’s advice. Parents need to understand: the tooth growth process of baby teeth for the baby’s life health is very important! However, many mothers do not understand, baby’s teeth when the formation of? When should start to protect? Here we come to understand the development process of the baby teeth. Pregnancy pregnant mother 6 weeks pregnant, fetal baby’s oral mucosa cells in the future place of rapid proliferation of teeth, the formation of the upper and lower arc teeth plate two. Subsequently, oral mucosa cells continued to proliferate and form 10 spherical protuberance on the arc tooth plate, this is the day after the growth of the 20 primary germ. The pregnant mother 5-10 months of pregnancy between the teeth of embryo enlargement, and the formation of 20 permanent teeth germs. However, the baby was born when people do not see their mouth with teeth, 20 teeth embryo)相关的主题文章: