The first local legislation in Qingyuan the highest penalty for drinking water pollution is 100

Qingyuan’s first local legislation: the pollution of drinking water the maximum penalty 100 thousand yuan in Guangzhou Qingyuan daily news (reporter Cao Jing)   Qingyuan’s first local legislation "Qingyuan drinking water source water quality Protection Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") before the date of the six Qingyuan Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the forty-first meeting of the vote. This marks the achievement of Qingyuan’s "first law". The next step will be submitted to the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress, and can be implemented after approval. The "Regulations" clearly the government and the relevant functional departments responsibilities, clear the centralized drinking water source water quality protection and decentralized drinking water source protection, monitoring, supervision and inspection, quality information management responsibilities. In addition, measures of ecological compensation mechanism, the source of drinking water sources, water supply enterprise responsibility testing requirements and on-site inspection supervision and management has been further clear. The "Regulations" prohibit the following items in the drinking water source protection zones: new construction, renovation and expansion of toxic sewage project, the project has been built by the people’s Government shall be ordered to stop. In addition, the threats to drinking water sources, drinking water source protection areas and potential protected areas within the scope of the highway bridge pier, and take corresponding protection measures and emergency disposal facilities, to prevent the transport of dangerous chemicals, oil vehicle or ship accidents of drinking water pollution. If any units and individuals engaged in cage culture or organization in the drinking water level protection zone for tourism, fishing or other potentially contaminated drinking water activities, the maximum penalty of 100 thousand yuan. The "Regulations" provisions of the people’s governments at all levels shall be responsible for the administrative area of drinking water source protection work, the drinking water source protection into the government environmental responsibility assessment scope, implement the administrative responsibility system of chief source of drinking water protection. The people’s governments at or above the county level shall formulate the planning and specific measures for the protection of drinking water sources within their administrative areas, and organize and implement them.   responsible editor: GDN006 清远首部地方立法:污染饮用水水体最高罚10万元   广州日报清远讯 (记者曹菁)清远首部地方立法《清远市饮用水源水质保护条例》(以下简称《条例》)日前经清远市六届人大常委会第四十一次会议表决通过。这标志着清远“首法”取得阶段性成果。下一步将报送省人大常委会,待批准同意后即可实施。   《条例》明确了政府及相关职能部门的职责,明确了集中式饮用水源水质保护和分散式饮用水源水质保护的监督、监测、巡查、水质信息发布等管理职责。此外,饮用水源地生态补偿机制、水源地检测要求、供水企业职责和现场检查等监督管理措施也得到进一步明确。   《条例》禁止在饮用水源保护区内设置下列项目:新建、改建、扩建有毒有害排污项目,已建项目由本级人民政府责令停止。此外,对威胁饮用水源、在饮用水源保护区和准保护区范围内的公路、桥梁及桥墩采取相应的隔离防护措施和应急处置设施,防止运输油类、危险化学物品的车辆或者船舶发生事故污染饮用水源。如任何单位和个人在饮用水源一级保护区内从事网箱养殖或者组织进行旅游、垂钓或者其他可能污染饮用水水体活动的,最高可罚10万元。   《条例》规定,各级人民政府对本行政区域内饮用水源水质保护工作负责,将饮用水源水质保护情况纳入政府环境保护责任考核范围,实行饮用水源保护行政首长负责制。县级以上人民政府须制定本行政区域内饮用水源保护规划和具体措施,并组织实施。  责任编辑: GDN006相关的主题文章: