The man jumped into the torrent and rescued the flood

Even the car with one man was rushed into the flood rescue flood suddenly soared fourteenth typhoon this year, "Meranti" (strong typhoon center), is published today (15 days) at 3 points 05 points before and after landing in the coastal areas of Xiangan District of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, landing wind near the center there are 15 (48 m second). As of 12 o’clock this morning, the typhoon "Meranti" effect, in the past 3 hours, showers in most areas of the province, Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang area which appear to locally heavy rain, rainfall of 10-50 mm, local rainfall in southern Wenzhou more than 100 mm, 0.1 to 5 mm rainfall in other areas. Is expected this afternoon to night, Lishui, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Ningbo and northwestern Zhejiang Province overcast with heavy rain, some heavy rain, local heavy rain; other areas cloudy with moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain. Around 10:42 this morning, Lin Fu Yongjia County Bridge in the town to the direction of the collapse of the mountain road Wenxi occurred landslides, buried in the road about 10 meters or so, many houses collapsed, currently trapped is unknown, the fire has been out of the police! Around 8:38 this morning, Wenzhou city fire brigade received a report called for help, Wencheng County indigo castle by a man driving through a water section into the torrent of danger. After the alarm, the brigade quickly dispatched 1 vehicles and 7 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. Rescue officers and soldiers rushed to the scene found in the indigo Qingshan hydroelectric power plant next to the original is a wide cement road, now inundated by severe floods, floods in the middle of a black man sitting in the car seat, looked anxiously waiting for rescue. By visual inspection, the distance to the shore trapped vehicles nearly 4 meters away. Time is life, 2 water well rescue personnel immediately wear a belt and safety rope, by protecting the rear rescue personnel trapped near the rope slowly, the slightest mistake will be washed away. Rescue workers travel difficult in the flood, finally trapped near the car, then washed the vehicle handbrake channel has failed, all the trapped man stepped on the brakes will not be washed away by the flood. Rescue officers and soldiers vest and rope to the Department of trapped, then quickly trapped man pulled out from the car. At this time, the flood suddenly soared, cars, rescue personnel and the trapped man instantly swept away, rescuers clung to the trapped man, at a crucial moment when the shore rescue officers and masses quickly grabbed the rope, the spirit to rescue workers and trapped to the shore, after several efforts finally successfully trapped rescue ashore. It is understood that the men trapped hydroelectric power plant staff, the morning drove out from the factory to see the road was flooded, the water is not very urgent that can open the past, who knows the water to lead back in a nice hobble flood more and more urgent, had to report to the police.

男子连车带人被冲入洪流 营救时洪水突然暴涨 今年第14号台风“莫兰蒂”(强台风级)的中心,已于今天(15日)凌晨3点05分前后在福建省厦门市翔安区沿海登陆,登陆时中心附近最大风力有15级(48米 秒)。截止今天上午12点,受台风“莫兰蒂”影响,在过去3小时,全省大部地区阵雨天气,其中浙南和浙西地区出现中到大雨局部暴雨,雨量10-50毫米,温州南部局部雨量超过100毫米,其它地区雨量0.1到5毫米。预计今天下午到晚上,丽水、温州、台州、宁波和浙西北地区阴有大雨,部分暴雨,局地大暴雨;其它地区阴有中到大雨,局部暴雨。今天上午10点42分左右,永嘉县桥头镇林福往温溪方向国道发生山体坍塌泥石流,埋压了国道大概10几米左右,多处房子倒塌,目前被困人员不详,消防已经出警!今天上午8点38分左右,温州文成消防大队接到报警求助称,文成县靛青山旁,一名男子驾车经过积水路段时被冲入洪流,身处险境。接警后,大队迅速出动1车7名官兵赶赴现场。救援官兵赶到现场后发现,在靛青山水力发电厂旁原本是一条宽阔的水泥路,现在被湍急的洪水淹没,在洪水中间一名男子坐在黑色轿车驾驶座上,神情焦急的等待救援。经目测,岸边距离到被困车辆有将近4米远。时间就是生命,2名水性较好的救援人员随即系上腰带和安全绳,通过后方救援人员绳索的保护慢慢靠近被困人员,稍有不慎就会被冲走。救援人员在洪流中艰难行进,终于靠近被困轿车,当时被冲下河道的车辆手刹已经失灵,全靠被困男子用脚踩住刹车才不被洪水冲走。救援官兵将救生衣和绳索给被困人员系上,随后迅速将被困男子从车里拉出。此时,洪水突然暴涨,轿车、救援人员以及被困男子瞬间冲走,救援人员死死抓住被困男子,千钧一发之际,岸上救援官兵和群众迅速将拽住绳索,拼劲全力将救援人员和被困人员往岸边拉,几经努力终于成功将被困人员营救上岸。据了解,该名被困男子是水力发电厂员工,早上从厂里开车出来看到路被水淹没,当时水流还不是很急以为能开过去,谁知开到水中进退两难导致后面洪水越来越急,不得不报警求助。相关的主题文章: