The man with murder fled 18 years was arrested into millions of dollars worth of new boss – in

A man with a night murder fled 18 years was arrested when a net worth millions of dollars – the boss Beijing, according to the Anhui Daily reported on January 1998, Anhui Fengyang County town village villagers Zhang Jiao Chang village and another three people caught a suspected thief man, but missed the shot. Four of the remaining three people arrested, Zhang Moumou has been on the run. 18 years, the local police has not given up his pursuit of this year, according to a photo taken in Guangxi, Liuzhou will be arrested zhang. This time Zhang picked up with a piece of ID by bleaching identity, hard work, has millions of, a local minor celebrity boss. A police this year found a photo of a suspected Zhang Mou and a woman from a relative zhang. Through the identification and comparison of multiple parties, the police task force can be determined, the middle-aged man in the photo is the suspect Moumou, photos of the woman with a certain relationship between zhang. After many efforts, the police finally learned that the woman Lee Henan people, now living in a district of Guangxi, Liuzhou, the man who lives together with him is likely to be the police struggling to find moumou. 111 on the evening of 3, the police received reliable news, Moumou in Liuzhou City, a KTV, immediately rushed to his arrest. After the incident, Zhang first fled to the area of Zhejiang, and then moved to the city of Liuzhou. A chance, Zhang Moumou found a man named Wu Moumou identity card, since then, with the name of Zhang Moumou to start a new life. Zhang began to work for a toy factory, and then try to buy their own toys from the factory to the community. In the meantime, met a girl in Henan Lee, then two people living together, after years of hard work, Zhang Moumou is now a millionaire boss. The day before Zhang Mou has been safely escorted back to Fengyang.  相关的主题文章: