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The most beautiful 5 inch machine! A diagram to understand the SONY Xperia X- digital Sohu the MWC 2016 conference, SONY did not bring new flagship Xperia Z6, did not bring new midrange Xperia C6, but accidentally in the Xperia X series of new design, from the appearance of the hardware and the three paragraph is a take on an altogether new aspect, Xperia Performance, X: the high end Xperia X Xperia XA, the low-end. Three mobile phone is equipped with a 5 inch screen, Unified Design new design style, different from the past Xperia Z series OmniBalance Design used for many years, and has a black, white, rose gold, lime gold (Lime Gold) four kinds of color style, really feel the eyes and ears of a new, but also a very narrow frame design, so many people shouted, this is the most beautiful 5 inch machine. Xperia X Performance is also equipped with top Xiaolong 820 processor (Xperia Z6 no?), and support IP68 waterproof and dustproof. The Xperia X series will be listed in May, the European market price of 699, 599, 299 euros, about 5030 yuan, 4300 yuan, 2150. If you don’t know the specific configuration of three models, the Taiwan media made a table for us at a glance:

最美5寸机!一图看懂索尼Xperia X-搜狐数码  这次MWC 2016大会,索尼没有带来新旗舰Xperia Z6,也没有带来新中端机Xperia C6,而是意外地奉上了全新设计的Xperia X系列,从外观到硬件都焕然一新,而且一口气就是三款:   高端Xperia X Performance、中端Xperia X、低端Xperia XA。   三款手机都配备了5寸屏,全新的Unified Design外观设计风格,有别于过去的Xperia Z系列使用多年的OmniBalance Design,并有黑色、白色、玫瑰金、石灰金(Lime Gold)四种色系风格,确实令人感觉到耳目一新,而且还有极窄边框设计,令不少人大呼这是最美的5寸机。   顶级的Xperia X Performance还配备了骁龙820处理器(Xperia Z6没有了吗?),并特别支持IP68防水防尘。   Xperia X系列将在5月份上市,欧洲市场价格699、599、299欧元,约合人民币5030、4300、2150元。         如果你分不清三款型号的具体配置,台湾媒体为我们制作了一张表,一目了然:相关的主题文章: