The participants lost luggage kind’s timely return free of charge-9c8947

The participants lost luggage kind’s timely return free of charge on September 23rd afternoon, Liao AEL067 taxi driver Hao Qiang creditthat, let Shen to attend the 2016 annual meeting of the representatives of city planning China praise. At about 19 p.m. on the evening of 23, the traffic service hotline received a call from a foreign passenger. He said he was taking a taxi from Shenyang Railway Station to Kailai Hotel, because he was worried about forgetting the luggage in the trunk of the taxi, and hoped to find a taxi driver. Traffic service hotline personnel asked the taxi information in detail, found the taxi through the data system, and the first time to get in touch with the driver. At this point, the driver Hao Qiang is anxiously looking for the owner. Hao Qiang told reporters that after the passengers got off, he suddenly remembered that the passengers did not take the suitcase when he started the car, he hurried off to find passengers, but the passengers have disappeared in the vast sea of people. Hao Qiang immediately reported the situation to the company leadership. Then, after Hao Qiang contacted the owner, quickly drove the suitcase to the passenger’s residence. The move made the nonlocal passengers deeply moved, he told Hao Qiang, this is from outside to Shen participate in the annual meeting of city planning representatives, all things are in the trunk, if lost will be very troublesome. The passengers out of cash, good brother free of charge, and repeatedly apologized to passengers, said he did not timely to remind passengers to carry valuables.

参会代表丢行李 好心的哥及时送还分文未取9月23日下午,辽AEL067号出租车司机郝强拾金不昧的行为,让来沈参加2016中国城市规划年会的代表连连称赞。23日晚19时左右,交通服务热线接到一位外地乘客的电话,他称自己从沈阳站打车到凯莱大酒店,因着急办事忘记了出租车后备箱的行李,希望寻找出租车司机。交通服务热线人员详细询问了出租车信息,通过数据系统找到了该出租车,并第一时间与司机取得联系。而此时,司机郝强也正在焦急地寻找失主。郝强告诉记者,这位乘客下车后,他在启车时突然想起乘客没拿行李箱,他急忙下车寻找乘客,但乘客已消失在茫茫的人海中。郝强立即将情况汇报给了公司领导。随后,郝强在联系上失主后,赶紧开车将行李箱送到了乘客的住处。此举让外地乘客深受感动,他告诉郝强,这次是从外地来沈参加城市规划年会的代表,所有东西都放在行李箱里了,如果丢失会很麻烦。乘客拿出现金,好的哥分文未取,并一再向乘客表示歉意,说自己没有及时提醒乘客携带好随身物品。相关的主题文章: