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The report said the "joint office" mode in the rapid development of China first-tier cities – Beijing, Beijing, October 25 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Tang Guijiang) "25 in Guangzhou published a report entitled" United Nations Office: short for fleeting or represent the general trend? "The white paper introduces the development status in the Chinese joint office, reported in 2015 China, before only a few independent joint office space; but in the past 12 months, the pace of development in the Chinese first-line combination of office space and 1.5 lines of the city very quickly. The report said that in Beijing and Shanghai, for example, only in the past 18 months, has built more than 500 joint office space. At present, a number of well-known enterprises in the field of joint office has been stationed in China, such as the United States in the United States WeWork officially entered China in 2016, and has completed the location of the joint office space in Shanghai. SOHO China also launched a joint office brand in 2015, "3Q". In the white paper of Jones Lang LaSalle four core driving force to promote the joint office mode in the rapid development of Chinese: government support for startups, making small start-ups need combined with the emergence of a large number of office space. Secondly, with China’s "millennials" gradually become the backbone of the workplace, the joint office model has a great attraction for them. The third factor is the development of China’s shared economy. Finally, thanks to the rapid development of modern science and technology, many unique solutions to the successful launch of the joint office. Trong volume of the Guangzhou commercial real estate department director Ma Weitu said: "the joint office to help enterprises to improve the flexibility of the tenants, to better attract and retain talent, create employee interaction atmosphere and online community atmosphere." Jones Lang LaSalle Southern China district director Wu Zhonghao said that the rapid development in the China joint office is a variety of driving factors of the results, which indicates that the enterprise favors the office mode diversification. (end)相关的主题文章: