The small German combat injuries was reversed in career winning the first US Open champion Stanislas-g-area meru

The small German combat injuries was reversed in career winning the first US Open champion Stanislas Wawrinka and former DESAY photo Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 12th, New York local time on Sunday, 2016 US Open Tennis Championships Men’s singles final battle. After nearly 4 hours of fierce battle, the No. 3 seed Stanislas to 6-7 (1), 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 win over world No. 1 Djokovic won the occupation career the third Grand Slam champion, also maintained a 100% chance of winning a grand slam final. The first game, first serve Djokovic, he scored 3 points in a smooth security 15-30 down. The second game, Djokovic in the deep extension caused by Stanislas consecutive errors, in the first break point to seize the opportunity, he then sends a love game, will start a 3-0 lead. Fourth, timely adjustment of Stanislas serve the state, to keep the first serve, but in the sixth inning, crises Stanislas serve, the Swiss people saved a break point with a ace breathtaking baofa. The eighth game, Djokovic Stanislas in non insurance can not force a bureau in the two inventory, but the Swiss people rely on the two tee straight and two beautiful winning points Paul made tenacious. The morale of Wawrinka followed by 0-40 earned 3 break points, the defending champion in the third break points out the double fault, the game back to the balance of power. After mutual serve, two people through the grab seven victory. Grab seven, Wahlin card has been in a passive, scoring only 1 points. Only the first disc Wawrinka was sent 20 turnovers, one times more than the opponent. Wawrinka was not affected by losing the first set, to keep his serve. Fourth, the Swiss 40-15 behind in the case of successful break even under 4 minutes. However, Djokovic subsequently 0-40 won 3 break points, the No. 3 seed not irritable, even 5 hours, breathtaking Baofa, made the 4-1 lead. This advantage is not very long, the people of Serbia even with a broken protect, to 4-4. Wawrinka with a love game after get the two count with a superb forehand straight points in the tenth game. Djokovic on the second count forehand errors, Wawrinka retaliate to a 6-4 disc. This dish, Wawrinka very good control of the error, only 8. Third before 3, Wawrinka saved 4 break points, and hold a break point of their own, made the 3-0 lead, but the good times don’t last long Djokovic steady, tied the score. The seventh inning, Wawrinka scored two points after 30-30, to contain the opponent scoring momentum. Subsequently, the first in the world is always very easy to protect hair, and make trouble in Stan’s serve, but he failed to translate those advantages. Stanislas 6-5 up in the twelfth inning, seize the opportunity to inventory not easily won, 7-5 will lead the score. Fourth, the small German twice to apply for injury to the injured without pause, Wawrinka Djokovic any opportunity, broke twice, 6-3 to win the game, so as to reverse the small German harvest his third Grand Slam title.相关的主题文章: