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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The global fascination that is love and romance may be depicted in all art forms including books, painting, music and dance. In all books you have tales of love and its consequences which makes romantic fiction one of Britains most .mercially successful fiction genres. The majority of romantic fiction novels are written predominantly for women, though men too read and write them. Essentially romance books are a collection of powerful love tales which normally have happy endings and with other factors built-in such as ambition, jealousy or mystery have .bined to make romance an exceptionally popular genre. Romance novels deal with the most passionate of human emotions, which makes it enduringly popular. Also in diverse types of literature such as crime or fantasy, love is often an important element in these tales too. Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters are possibly the most well-known romantic fiction writers of all time. Austens books were set amongst the English aristocracy. Her realistic interpretation of society at the time has given her works a historical importance which has merited her a place as one of the most widely-read authors ever. A few of her most liked novels are Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Emma, all of which have stood the test of time. Her stories, while set in the same time, are somewhat varied. For example, Pride and Prejudice is lively and candid, while Persuasion is all about a woman who is deemed by polite society to be past her prime’. It is apparent to readers that her novels are produced with a bit of humour, an abundant amount of intense drama altogether delivered with lessons in times past – like romantic fiction novels of today. To be able to make books of fiction interesting and unputdownable they must have some form of conflict going on, specifically between the most important characters. We mostly link conflict of a romantic nature with romance novels. It is this conflict which prevents two characters from lovers. Conflict doesn’t have to be limited to arguments or some type of physical dispute, it could be something like the trepidation of seeing one another in a state of undress or basically not liking each other at the opening of the story, which was the problem in Pride and Prejudice and in countless other romance books since. In the wake of William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie, Barbara Cartland, writer of romantic fiction books is the 3rd bestselling British novelist of all time. Cartland isnt just famous for her many romance books but also for dressing up in bright pink clothes. Suffice to say, her life has been a mixture of achievement and disaster. Barbara Cartland can be fondly thought of not only for her novels but for her work as a politician and also as a diligent campaigner for various different charitable causes that served to make a difference to many peoples lives. The secret to the continuing impact of romance in the world of popular fiction relies almost exclusively on its ability to adjust or adapt. It’s this ongoing evolution of the romance book genre thats the centre of world literature. Reading romantic literature provides us the opportunity to escape into the heroines life and for all intents and purposes experience what it is like to be truly loved, cherished and protected in ways all readers of romance novels long for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: