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The thirty-first phase of the national mountain rescue training in Tianjin successfully concluded – Sohu outdoor October 16th to October 24th, a period of 9 days of the country’s thirty-first primary mountain rescue technical training in Tianjin successfully concluded. The training course organized by the China Mountaineering Association, Tianjin Mountaineering Association, Tianjin Haike Sports Culture Company Limited. It is China Mountaineering Association in Tianjin for the first time organized mountain rescue training. From the Tianjin blue rescue team, Handan one foundation rescue team, Wenzhou dragon wild rescue brigade rescue team and Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Jilin, Heilongjiang and other places of outdoor enthusiasts a total of 20 students participated in the training. The vice captain, Chinese mountaineering team mountaineering State Sports General Administration of sports management center director of the Department of sub Alpine adventure, Tianjin mountain outdoor sports association secretary general, chairman of Tianjin Haike Sports Culture Co., Li Wei attended the opening ceremony. The training content is abundant, from the mountain rescue introduction, mountain rescue system, decrease technology, Dan Sheng technology, topographic map theory, topographic map, search and search theory based practice drills, drills and synthetic rope skills, take the teaching form of theory and practice combination, so that students benefit a lot. After rigorous theoretical and practical assessment, a total of 16 students to obtain a certificate of completion. With the continuous increase of outdoor sports, outdoor activities in Tianjin are increasing, and the occurrence of mountain safety accidents is more and more frequent. The training course is of great help to the Tianjin city rescue technology backbone in the mountain of professional knowledge, skills, ideas, will help to establish a government rescue mechanism, rescue organizations and volunteers linkage, effective organization of mountain rescue forces, to provide protection for outdoor sports in Tianjin and the Beijing Tianjin Hebei three. The healthy and sustainable development.相关的主题文章: