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The wife was pregnant, her husband cut off fingers due to " IVF maternal September 20th (Tuesday) – Sohu more than 7 morning, the rural rich county of Qigihar City, pregnant 5 months pregnant by her husband Wang Kaihua Liu first with a kitchen knife chopped. The doctor, Liu Xian hands tendon was cut off, the little finger of his right hand was cut off, 4, about 10 cm knife head, the formation of the scalp hematomas. Here is the first case to rescue Liu Liu according to the first mother recalled that the day after eating breakfast, her husband Wang Kaihua thought of the site work, but his wife Liu has pulled the driving licence. Because of this, the couple quarreled, wife of the window glass was smashed. She said, when the son and daughter in the front room, she did not pay much attention, it is thought that the couple quarrel. Wait for her to the front, only to see his son waving a kitchen knife. The day before the incident in Qigihar City, Wang Kaihua bicker upgrade perennial dry decoration live, two people before the local rental housing. Half a month ago, the rent expires, Liu Xian also pregnant in the body, they moved back to the rich home, with her parents live together. When living often quarrel for trifles. The lower down wedding couple married for 5 years, two people always want a child, but has not been successful. Later the couple do IVF, spent about 100000 dollars. According to Liu’s family first wife, husband Wang Kaihua in "test tube baby" things, pick Liu Li, said Liu did not give money. Liu family also found that the baby will be a variety of malformations risk, it seems that Wang Kaihua is very worried. This makes his attitude towards his wife Liu also changed. Recently, Wang Kaihua mentioned the child. He said, Liu Xian in the belly of the child, he did not want. 19 evening, Liu Xian’s sister had received a phone call from Wang Kaihua. Wang Kaihua let Liu Liu first back, and Mr. Liu said on the phone that he was her husband Wang Kaihua hit two slap. Later, Liu Xian reported to the police, the local police station to investigate the mediation of their home. The hospital diagnosis book down here now, Liu Xian seriously, is the first hospital in Qigihar received emergency treatment. Suture surgery, general anesthesia will leave what effect on pregnant women and the unborn child, still unknown. But in order to save the child, Liu Xian decided not to use drugs, as far as possible without medicine. The wife chopped after Wang Kaihua, to the rich county public security bureau Taha township police station to surrender, at present, he has been under criminal detention. — · END·相关的主题文章: