The women’s 20 meter rescue wounded police Takahashi miraculously survived falling 6 stitches hypersnap-dx

The women’s 20 meter rescue wounded police Takahashi miraculously survived falling 6 stitches – River search for half an hour, the police finally found the drowning woman 20 meters from the deck of a young woman who was drowning! In September 16th 21:30, in the vicinity of Zhangzhou City Bridge readiness fishing people reported to the police. Patrolling in the vicinity of the "Zhangzhou 110" 4 echelon of the police (4 police, 4 police rushed to the scene). From the bridge deck to the combat readiness gap is more than 20 meters, the bridge was dark, drowning woman already have never been heard of since. Other police using a flashlight in the deck, Zhangzhou 110 two squadron commander Wang Jianlong with the Police Association Cai Yongping, take off pants, shoes, wear a life jacket, down to nine in search of Longjiang. At that time, the nine Longjiang Xixi water level is relatively low, on both sides of the river and the river silt has been exposed, the central depths not to Wang Jian chest. Night, visibility is very low, difficult to walk in the mud. Wang Jianlong and Cai Yongping about division of labor, groping around…… About 30 minutes, and finally found a woman on the lower surface of the shallow water. At that time, the woman is lying on his back, have fainted. Two people immediately take turns holding the woman, to about 400 meters away from the shore". Xiangcheng bridge fire brigade squadron 3 class monitor Guo Long came, also joined the rescue force. Hold a person, every step, river silt are not directly to the knee, 3 feet in many places by the river gravel, broken glass scratched. "Eager to save at that time just go ahead, go too fast a bit." Wang Jianlong said. Cai Yongping relay last paragraph, at that time, suddenly felt stepped on a broken glass bottle, the foot is very painful, can only endure to continue to move forward". After the woman was rescued ashore, in order to catch the time, directly by the 110 patrol car rushed to a nearby hospital. After emergency treatment, the woman quickly regained consciousness. According to the doctor, after a preliminary examination, the woman has only one arm on the wound, the other needs further examination. According to the woman’s mother introduced her family lives near the bridge, the day after dinner, the woman did not expect to go out for a walk, accidentally fell into the river. 20 meters high, the equivalent of the drowning woman falling from the building of 6 storeys, only wounded, many people call the miracle is to survive. After the discovery, Cai Yongping’s right foot there is a more than 4 cm long wound, the wound is very deep, came back on the road all the way, and later in the hospital a total of sewing needle 6. "People save back, and then the danger is worth." Wang Jianlong said. (Strait Herald reporter Guo Qin correspondent Xu Fangfang Ventura)相关的主题文章: