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Tianjin to raise 3 billion yuan of financial subsidies for advanced equipment leasing Sohu finance Xinhua Tianjin February 16th news (reporter Fang Wenyu) 16 reporters from the Tianjin Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Tianjin city recently issued a document put forward, to raise 3 billion yuan of financial funds, subsidies to enterprises, research institutes and other financing through leasing equipment to accelerate the pace of upgrading, promote the rapid the development of the enterprise and make bigger, financing lease. According to the document arrangement, 2016 years to 2017 years, Tianjin finance will raise funds 30 billion yuan, with advanced R & D equipment financing lease purchase demand for small and medium-sized enterprises, science and technology enterprises and research institutes, after that the rental fee subsidies. In addition, to comply with the relevant provisions of the State Administration of Taxation of enterprises in key industries to allow the purchase of equipment, shorten the depreciation period or accelerated depreciation method. In the paper, the guiding role of financial capital, from 2016 to 2017, Tianjin will be completed about 1000 enterprises technical equipment transformation, pull more than 60 billion yuan investment, enhance the development level and market competitiveness significantly. Author: Fang Yu asked the source of Xinhua News Agency)

天津筹集30亿元财政资金补贴先进设备融资租赁-搜狐财经   新华社天津2月16日专电(记者方问禹)记者16日从天津市发改委获悉,天津市近日出台文件提出,筹集30亿元财政资金,补贴企业、科研院所等通过融资租赁方式加快装备改造升级步伐,促进企业做优做强做大、融资租赁业快速发展。  根据文件安排,2016年至2017年,天津市财政将筹集资金30亿元,对有需求的中小企业、科技型企业和科研院所通过融资租赁购置的先进研发生产设备,经认定后给予租赁费用补贴。  此外,对符合国家税务总局相关规定的重点行业企业购置的设备,允许缩短折旧年限或采取加速折旧方法。  文件提出,在财政资金引导作用下,2016年至2017年,天津市将完成1000家左右企业技术装备改造,拉动投资超过600亿元,大幅提升研发制造水平和市场竞争力。  作者:方问禹来源新华社)相关的主题文章: