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As the hostess of a baby shower, you are sure to get more than a few calls from friends and other family members about what to get the expectant parents for their new baby. There are literally hundreds of baby gifts that range from absolute necessities to just plain adorable and irresistible. There are also items in each category that fit any budget. For example, new parents will find they cannot live without that $2.49 formula dispenser as much as the $79 baby electric swing. Gift Registries Taking the guess work out of what color, brand or style of baby product the parent’s want most is the gift registry. Many people are familiar with the fact that soon to be married couples will pick out china and silver patterns at the department store for guests to go in and purchase a place setting as a wedding gift. These same types of registries are available for expectant parents at national chain stores like Babies R Us and Target, as well as many localized specialty baby stores. At Babies R Us you can register online, thanks to the teaming up of this baby superstore with Expectant parents also can register at the store and have it available for guests to view online. Your gift registry can be updated online through, linking it to Toys R Us and the Geoffrey store. The help file at the top of the page can take you directly to the Baby Registry under Gifts and Gift Certificates. A gift registry starts with the parents walking through the store with a large checklist provided by the store and selecting exactly the items they want as well as the quantity. A gift registry is categorized by furniture, bath items, toys, bedding, strollers, clothing, etc. That makes it easier for new parents to figure out what items they might like and for friends and family to find the type of item they want to give. After the parents have selected each item they would like for the baby, the information is entered into the store’s computer. When someone wants to purchase something from the registry, they simply go to a kiosk or customer service desk, type in the name of the parents, and a complete list is printed out for them to carry around the store. This list can even be accessed online if the store has a website, so you can order from your computer and have it shipped. So even if you live far away you can use the gift registry service. It also makes local shopping convenient because you can select your gift from home then just pick it up and be on your way. The gift registry also shows when an item has been purchased. This is great for avoiding duplicate gifts and ensuring the parents really will love the style you’ve purchased. If there are some very expensive items on the gift registry these may be given by close family members such as grandparents. However, a group from the office can organize and pool their contributions to the gift giving and purchase larger ticket items such as a complete baby travel system that includes the car seat that attaches to the stroller that coverts to lying down and sitting up positions for different aged babies. These can cost around $250, but are a wonderful gift that includes not only the mandatory car seat, but a stroller that grows with the baby. If you are one that likes to give surprise gifts, you may try selecting something from the list, a diaper bag for example, and then adding to it. The diaper bag can be filled with little toys, bath products, feeding supplies or a couple of cute outfits. That way they are getting the exact diaper bag they wanted, but a few unexpected items as well. Unexpected Gifts for Dad It is always a thoughtful and much appreciated gesture when friends and family remember the father to be has a big part in this joyous event. Most attention seems to be placed on the expectant mother and baby, but the new father will appreciate gifts such as a bachelor survival kit to help him out during long waiting periods at the hospital and a couple of nights alone at home. Dad’s survival kit for the hospital might include: 1. Sports magazines 2. Soda, bottled water and snacks (hospital vending machines can be expensive) 3. A pillow 4. A change of clothes or at least a shirt (Have one 5. printed up that says, Proud Dad) 6. CD player with headphones and some relaxing music to listen to while Mom (and then baby) get some rest Extra film for his camera (or batteries for the digital camera) Items for the At-Home survival kit can include a basket filled with: 1. Homemade casserole to refrigerate then heat up and eat anytime 2. Easy to grab snack foods such as cut up fruit, cookies, veggies and dip 3. A list of family and friends’ email addresses so he can send out the word about the baby along with a digital picture Hospital Survival Kit for Mom A hospital survival kit can be for both the expectant mother and father. To include items Mom might need in addition to the suitcase she has packed you can add her favorite magazines, a book, or CD player with her taste in music. There may be waiting periods during earlier labor where she can rest, but most likely the kit will be used during the 2 or so days after the baby is born. In this case, giving her a list of phone numbers of family and friends lets her make some calls from the hospital. 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