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I was in a special game for a long time. I have trained hundreds of writers, and I was responsible for the displacement of millions of and $ in product worldwide. Here are some tips that I hope will help you do better and do better name for themselves. One. Whatever job you’re working copy – brochures, letters, sales letters, press ads on the site – always include a headline. Relevant headings. Sales of the title. This title will be, or should be sufficiently powerful and intriguing to bring your target in the compass body copy. If he can do that you are the winner. Put simply, your headline should be shot sales message – the summary of your offer or a promise. In other words, the headline that says: Buy this product and receive this benefit. Two. Always remember, people do not buy products, they buy benefits of ownership of these products. The man did not buy a sports car because it is accurate engineering or aesthetically designed. He buys it because of the ego-boost it gives him. It shows the world that he did it. In addition, the woman is not in a cocktail dress to Camille of Paris simply because of the dramatic or subtle stitching. It buys its distinguishing mark, which is attached to the label. She would probably look good dress from High Street shop, but she would not feel good. And this is good. Three. About 30% of all copy, headlines are useless and irrelevant. Most often they take the form of puns or reassessment of the current title of the movie and song titles. Puns are the penalties if they are appropriate, that they are rare. And a writer who tries to show how cool he was, working his post production on a film or song name, as a rule, do much to sell tickets href=" /"> .www.ticketfront.comdeals to the movies, and CDs, but very little for his client. It is moral. State sales proposal cleverly, wittily, stridently or emotively, but never use the device simply because it’s easy to do. If you can not be original, at least, be positive. Four. If it does not quack, it is not duck. And if your copy does not contain any proposals of sale, this is not advertising – it is an announcement. Therefore, many writers these days do not understand that a copy of no more than the trade press. They play with words for the game in words. They lose sight of the fact that they should be trying to sell something. Thus, copy must use the psychology of the seller, and it should say straight forward: Here’s what it is for you. Five. Always be cautious about the few professionals who are trying to tell you how to write better copy. Including me. About the Author: TicketFront deals in all mega events around the globe. Our online ticket inventory offers best ticket deals for Concerts, Theaters, Sporting events and Las Vegas. We not only provide tickets for all sold-out events but we are your premium source of ticketing and venue information for all upcoming entertainment events. Whether it is a sporting event or a theatrical act, a live musical performance or shows at Las Vegas; we provide you best ticket a href=" /"> .www.ticketfront.comdeals for each and every event around the globe Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Arts-and-Entertainment 相关的主题文章: