Together with a window into the second quarter horse reputation counter attack confirm — run whereisip

"Together with a window" into the second quarter horse reputation counter attack   confirm — run entertainment channel, film produced by Shanghai, see independence after the 90 new genius director Bi directed Xinye healing youth comedy "together with a window" aired with watercress score 8.6 strongest summer a dark horse. Cut his way through to rave reviews as this summer’s first Triumphant news keeps pouring in., no IP, no ring guide big blessing, but with the phenomenon of network drama true and fresh achievements, directing V to the biggest selling point of Amway, once again confirms the "reputation of everything" the truth! It is understood that the product has been confirmed only see film "together with a window" second quarter run news, the script has been finalized in 6, allegedly the quality seckill first season, all the work are scheduled in preparation. This news, the highly anticipated that some "dream" of the majority of fans is undoubtedly the biggest benefit, we have said ecstasy, they did not forget the screenwriter and director Xin Bi industry micro-blog "reminder script" for the second season, the plot is not a few give advice and suggestions, it formed open group brainstorming mode. Then in the second quarter, TV photography class hero who will soon enter the University for second years, Xiao ocean can do so and clock white sophomore will reveal the answer, they are ignorant of true love and laughter and tears will decide on what path to follow, staged as scheduled, all in the "window" with over second season. It is worth mentioning that, together with the "window" Chupin see only the shadow vision for explore the excellent director, screenwriter and actor, has always been to spare no effort outstanding works support, now "together with a window" have to say is a very successful example, earlier produced "cheat" end the hair 9.5 score has occupied watercress users comprehensive score NO.1. It is learned that the film only see the latest masterpiece is the black humor comedy "kill" strong plot, fast-paced, burning brain and funny, "Mao cheat" original team DEDECATES, is expected to be completed in October after the business, please look forward to. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: