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UnCategorized There are many ad networks out there that allow traffic pulling sites to earn extra money. Google AdSense is the most used network as it’s the easiest to implement and get started with passive in.e revenues. Though many others exist like Kontera, Infolinks and Chitika, and Simply. So, which ones are worth adding to your sites? Google AdSense remains the easiest one to allow anyone to roll over a fast in.e within a few months. Why? Like some other ad networks such as the eBay program, if you know how to send targeted traffic to your site pages, you also know how to increase your site conversion rates. Not talking about sales here but clickthroughs to other pages. AdSense links can be added in block format or text format and implemented on any site. You first apply for entrance to the program, and if accepted, you can add text or image ads to any of your web pages. Many people make a full time in.e just from Adsense. Though do use the ads carefully, if you start clicking your own ads and joining clicking networks for click exchanges, your account will soon be banned. To earn money, all you need is relevant text and image ads placed in targeted positions on your pages. You can see the ads on many sites with the footer title ‘ads by Google’. Usually found above blog posts, in side bars and below navigation bars (naughty but nice marketing…) Each time a visitor clicks on an AdSense link, they are charged through their Adwords account and you earn a .mission based on the eCPM value, clicks per thousand impressions. Impressions are when an ad appears on your site, and you earn when visitors click through that ad. Kontera has a different display approach and works best on content driven sites – which is how sites should approach passive in.e methods. Kontera and Infolinks convert to revenues for site owners by you a publisher for their ad networks, same way as AdSense. Difference with these two is that you add code to your site, as with AdSense, though that creates hyperlinks out of selected targeted text on your page. Each link sends hits to advertisers paying PPC costs for the ad placements and .missions to you for generating the clicks. Article directories use these networks; sites with lots of fresh updated content benefit mostly, it can be a sweet earner over time. Simply is more like AdSense where you add code to your pages that display text ads or images ads and like AdSense you need to know how to drive traffic. Simply is much better than AdSense, the best choice for high traffic sites. It is less .plex to implement than AdSense and allows for filtering of unwanted ads. The best part, you can create targeted text ads with tags that you choose. Simply is also the highest paying ad network paying you 90% of the sale from your ad placements on any number of sites that you own across any number of niches. The top point to reiterate with these 5 ways to earn passive in.e is that you need to know how to drive traffic to your site to make these passive in.e methods work. Like anything worthwhile, it just takes time, patience and consistency. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: