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Uncle met cheats that engage in the collection can increase more than and 200 times cheated money western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Yang Sujian) Qianxian County Xianyang City Master Li, more than and 70 years old this year, usually do not have what interest, but to buy a batch of collection of commemorative coins to others in a few years ago, did not expect a few months ago. Suddenly someone found him. Master Li: "three years ago I bought a number of commemorative coins on the net, spent more than 2 thousand dollars." Heard can Amoy to treasure the Internet, watching the golden coins Master Li love, nothing out at his eyes. This is three years, suddenly one day, Li Shifu received a phone call. Master Li: "in June this year, a woman suddenly called me, said she would know my collection of things worth 4489 yuan." Uncle Li in the collection industry unknown. Can be a strange woman claiming to collect the company staff, not only know what his collection of collections, but also to provide accurate price. Can be as high as more than and 200 times the value, let the master Li happy dazzled. In accordance with the requirements of the other party, to pay the registration fee, appraisal fees, audit fees and other thirty thousand yuan. Reporter: how do you know who has collections?" Suspect Wang: "the data are sold online, sell (collector) information, this is a buy 50 Fen, a piece of the (information), two, bought it to these people call, ask them to get rid of collection, if there is a shot it lets them pay the registration fee, deposit." Wang, 35 years old, six months ago or an ordinary chicken farmers in Hebei. But as a Shanghai company of manipulation. Because a 50 Fen to buy the personal information Uncle Li, thousands of miles away from the king and Uncle Lee linked together. Suspect Wang: "I see others cheated a lot of money, I just want to cheat a little money, never make the law more." Telecommunications fraud is often aimed at the prevention of poor elderly. Qianxian County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy commander of a squadron of Zhao Manying: "after the ATM video, found the suspect, one male, one female, every time is masked, wearing masks, wearing a hat, well camouflaged." After careful investigation, the police quickly found the suspect hiding place in Hebei, and in one fell swoop arrested a couple led by Wang Hao, a gang of fraud gang. Scene seized more than and 30 telephone fraud and a large number of victims information. Qianxian County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police: "wife before the fraud company responsible for the call, in June this year, two couples to a separate portal, hired a village of four Mandarin speaking women, the gang was established in April." Do not look at the cultural level of six people are not high, that is half a year, the fraud Gang fraud success of up to 267, involving up to $about 1000000! At present, that will not make much Dafa Wang, Haomou wife and other accessory has been Qianxian County jingfangxingju. The case is under further digging.相关的主题文章: