Using Pay Per Click As A Small Business Marketing Strategy-shuyue

Business As a small business owner using a variety of small business marketing methods is the key to your overall success of generating traffic to your website and therefore your business. There are many pay per click providers to choose from. Pay per click as a marketing strategy is great at sending qualified leads to your business. Google Adwords is the biggest pay per click site, however there are also a number of great other tools. Facebook Ad’s will be.e the number 1 pay per click advertising method and there are also twitter pay per click, linkedIn pay per click, gmail pay per click and yahoo pay per click. So you can see your business has many different options. Pay per click marketing allows you to put an ad on the search engines and when someone see’s your ad and click’s through it onto your website you are charged for that click. How popular your keyword is which determine how much you have to pay. For example popular key words like ‘web design, SEO work, home business etc can cost upto $10 per click on some sites and as little as $.90c on others. If you are using pay-per-click search engines for direct product marketing, you need to know how much each click is worth. Pay per click marketing campaigns are fantastic as that they can be executed quickly – within in a few days. To understand how beneficial pay per click marketing could be for your business, do a keyword search for yourself. Let’s say your business was around dog grooming and you covered the Sydney area. Go onto google.. and type in the search ‘dog grooming sydney’ at the top it will tell you how many people per month search for that particular key word. Our rule is if there is not over 30,000 people per month searching for it, then it is not worth doing and maybe using a different form of pay per click is the way to go. 39 billion users are on facebook at present, but before you get to excited ask yourself this question. Does my product or service get used by people who hang out on facebook? Gmail pay per click allows you to have an ad showing on people’s email. You could have your ad showing at the bottom of your .petitors daily emails. Overall pay per click marketing for small business owners is a great strategy that allows business an instant hit to their website page. With all marketing you do you need to ensure that the return you are getting is worth the investment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: