Verification ten hours a day with a computer sperm deformity of 99% (video)

Verification: ten hours a day with a computer sperm deformity of 99%? Spread reported recently, a "computer for 10 hours a day, 99% sperm deformity reports" was spread in social networks. The report said: Mr. Wang married 5 years, his wife has been unable to get pregnant, the couple found Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital professor XXX. After examination, the woman is normal, the problem lies in mr.. Originally, the man’s sperm density and vitality, although normal, but the sperm malformation rate of up to 99%, diagnosed as abnormal sperm disease. Asked about Mr. Wang ‘s way of life, he said,’ I don’t smoke or drink, but because I am a computer designer, I use a computer for more than 10 hours a day……" Does Mr. Wang get "deformed sperm disease" because it is too long for the computer? Small make up for you to verify. The verification process of 1 sperm deformity rate do not have too much panic, even the fertile men, the semen samples will also contain a large number of sperm abnormality. A complete sperm, including head, neck, middle, and late. Because it is difficult to observe by optical microscope so that the end of the sperm, sperm head is (and neck) and tail (the middle and primary section). For the determination of normal and abnormal sperm, the researchers usually based on the characteristics of the head and tail of the sperm, set the critical criteria for human to define. Usually, the normal sperm has the following features: head shape smooth, generally oval; acrosomal region accounted for 40%-70% of the head, no large vacuoles; tail show no sharp break flagellar angle, main section can be self crimping a ring of sperm. But in general abnormal sperm head and tail defects, this does not enumerate, only provide a figure for the readers to understand. According to the latest standard of WHO, the normal sperm morphology rate of less than 4% can be diagnosed as abnormal sperm disease. It needs to be emphasized is that even the fertile men, the semen samples also contain a large number of sperm abnormality. Many studies suggest that abnormal sperm will generally lead to lower fertilization potential, who will also be sperm morphology as evaluation of male fertility potential tools, but most of the "teratozoospermmia" patients can still natural fertility, the sperm deformity rate will not lead to high yield and flow rate of fetal malformation. The formation mechanism of 2 malformed sperm is not clear, the spread of the reported possible factor attribution errors caused by sperm morphological defects are many, is a genetic defect of sperm morphology, such as globozoospermia, short tail; another is the abnormal sperm non hereditary. In general, may be related to the following reasons: 1 reproductive tract infections: such as bacteria, mycoplasma, chlamydia, virus can cause sperm deformity rate; 2 physicochemical factors: air pollution, occupation contact and living habits surrounding environment have a negative impact on the abnormal sperm morphology and motility were 3; some kinds of anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics, drug resistance, and long-term exposure to pesticides (pesticides) will affect the development of sperm. Specific to the report, every day before the computer to sit 10 hours may hurt the eyes, cervical spine, but this is not necessarily associated with abnormal sperm disease, especially in the absence of Mr.相关的主题文章: