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Visit the "station" family: odd jobs and Beijing City – neither friendly nor aloof 40 year old Duan Baoyang (a pseudonym) recently with the Kunming Songming County Yangqiao Songyang Street human resources service center signed the first half of the employment contract to a local company to do the cleaning staff, a monthly salary of 2400 yuan. Like Duan Baoyang station (non formal employment, Yunnan locals call the "station" – reporters note), there are thousands of people in Yangqiao, up to a maximum of more than 7 thousand people. In late August of this year, in order to service these non formal employment, Songyang Street Yangqiao human resources service center formally run. "Station workers are a group of City builders, silent dedication of the labor force, their contribution should be the concern of the community and certainly." Center responsible person said. Work station work day money two km from the Songming County Yangqiao Town, is one of the largest in Songming, vegetable and flower logistics, large livestock and scrap metal and other large transactions every day, requires a lot of labor, thus attracting the attention of Yunnan Dongchuan, Huize, Zhaotong, Guizhou and other places of migrant workers. According to statistics, Songyang street, 2015, migrant workers registered in Yangqiao have 25 thousand people. At present, such as Yangqiao migrant workers, in some public space for dispatch work, the spontaneous formation of the labor market in Kunming, there are a number of others, has existed for many years. Such a non formal employment platform, the villagers are known as the station market". Station workers mainly engaged in handling, landscaping, demolition, construction and other jobs, the work day wages. Du (a pseudonym) every morning 3 arrive in Kunming near the old city of Chenggong square, clutching a hoe. In order to find work station workers will bring some common tools. Du Maineng felt the tension when the boss of growing vegetables came over a three wheeled motorcycle. Everybody swarmed to bargain with the owner of all sorts of gossip, the price quickly settled, Du and 6 other people climb the tricycle. This day’s work is to get fresh cut flowers in the field, and then tied to the truck loaded with flowers, about 150 yuan a day to earn. According to the rules of the station market, two or three a.m. station workers, mainly to find vegetables harvest, transport and other work, the station is looking for work in the early morning of six or seven, logistics, loading and unloading work. The 45 year old Du Zhaotong from Yunnan to Kunming to work, worked in the construction site, but because of that heavy work of low wages, at last a long time in Chenggong looking for farm work, after all, grew up in the countryside, more work started". Chenggong Dounan flower market is the largest flower production and trading center, is one of Asia’s largest flower market. Flower flowers around the base of 400 hectares, every listed more than and 50 species, more than and 300 flower varieties, on turnover of 3 million to 4 million yuan. Every day, more than 8000 domestic and foreign merchants and farmers gathered here to begin trading from 2:00 a.m.. After 7, nearly a hundred tons of flowers from Dounan sold to neighboring countries and regions and domestic large and medium-sized city in Japan, South Korea and Singapore etc.. A large number of flower production and trade, to the station workers have brought many jobs. Du has been standing here for 5 years, he also)相关的主题文章: