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Travel-and-Leisure Structure of airline tariffs are confusing and misleading. Do you know how they work? Not the innocent traveller! Whether you are looking for cheap flights in USA or elsewhere, almost all airlines purposely make them .plicated so that they can charge the maximum amount from a traveller. Irrespective of your mode of seat booking, whether it be phone, travel agent, or on-line, the systems are made to charge you more than you should pay. So if you want to avoid paying too much for your air ticket and save money, you have to do some planning and searching. This article gives you some basic hints in that direction, main focus being the cheap flights in USA. Some special deals known as "visit USA" or "Visit North America", will take you across the North American continent, and these cheap flights are meant for foreign travellers who can purchase only from outside North America. Foreigners visiting USA need to buy these special deals from their own country before leaving for USA. In America the airlines can publish any fares and change them as they like, ever since the deregulation of USA airfares in 1978. Airlines publish cheap fares for the cheap flights in USA, if they decide to reduce the fares. Once these lower prices are published and filed with the government, travellers can get access to these cheap flights in USA directly from the airlines and their appointed agents. These include brick-and-mortar travel agencies and online agencies. Those agencies that sell both online and offline can also be accessed to get these lower air fares. In order to find cheap flights in USA for domestic travel, you need to learn how to search .puterised reservation system, travel web sites and travel agents. Then book the seats after figuring out which seat belongs to which flight itinerary. .puter reservation systems pricing robots will determine the price and issue the tickets. Considering the logic behind "avoid the middle-man policy", it is natural to assume that you will get a better deal by going straight to the airline .panies to buy tickets. You would hope to pay less by bypassing the travel agent or an independent web site. However the airlines have no obligation or valid reason to give you the best price. The goal of the airline is to get the maximum from you, whether you contact them by phone or internet. Travel consultants and agents may charge a small amount for their services, but it will be a better option to employ them as there will be an overall saving. This is similar to employing an in.e tax agent to handle your tax matters. Some airlines send text or email messages to notify any special deals. To take advantage of these offers, you need to be extremely quick, as there are only a limited number of seats on offer, and they will sell off in matter of days if not hours. So find which domestic airlines advertise special offers for cheap flights in USA in this manner and register yourself with the airline by giving them your email address. Of course you need to check your email on a regular basis, at least once daily to capture these discounted offers. You need to do more research without limiting yourself to above methods, if you want to succeed every time you look for cheap flights in USA or anywhere else for that matter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: