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Watch free version of Ginkgo biloba in Zhengzhou to give you ten bounty map tree decades old ginkgo tree stands in Zhengzhou City People’s Park South Gate near Hu ancestral hall. At present, it is their best viewing time. Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Extract Tablets in the semi yellow and green tangle between, it seems not to want to be good or not to invest in the embrace of the earth. Wait a few days, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off, a good grasp of the transient beauty. Zhengzhou forest recommended reason: Zhengzhou version of the Central Park just imagine, in the eastern lush forest, a bright golden light, can bring people great joy. If you haven’t heard of it, look at it for two days. Located in Zheng Dong New District CBD in Zhengzhou forest, the position is not difficult to find. The Yellow River East Road, Zhongzhou Avenue and business loop up grow up in narrow encirclement triangle, green hillside, colorful trees and winding path, is basically complete the Zhengzhou version of the Central Park". At noon yesterday, the sun did not hesitate to visit for a while, along the outer ring road near the business in the labyrinth, East hundreds of ginkgo tree lemon yellow add brilliant colors. Warm tip: Zhengzhou forest in the ginkgo tree along the side of the business side of the loop into a strip distribution, stroll the park can enjoy the beauty of Ginkgo biloba. In this land of the central business district, the exquisite small world this is known as Zhengzhou "Central Park", by many urban residents like spring, can see the kite kite lovers here. The new campus of Zhengzhou University recommended reason: Zhengzhou is the most culture with Ginkgo ornamental trees, high tech Zone is located in the new campus of Zhengzhou University, because of the vegetation diversity and the atmosphere better, more and more popular by the public, many people even took advantage of the weekend to play the family, also got a popular nickname, called "the Zhengzhou National Park west". This season the Zhengzhou University campus, the golden ginkgo leaf is the absolute protagonist, although the area as the Cultural Plaza, but do not have a college. Recommended reason: people of ancient Huiji District Court Shao Jingmei is located in Zhengzhou Tianhe Road and Kaiyuan Road intersection of Huiji District, the ancient court, patches of ginkgo trees and evergreen pine trees, is the "small fresh" favorite photo attraction. Today, the golden ginkgo leaves thickly covered with green grass, if God is good, there are double beauty, the golden ginkgo and golden color pictures superimposed, excellent. The most important thing is that there are relatively few visitors, casually how you concave shape, is not afraid of onlookers! The "green city" on the road, there are a park, although there is no ginkgo ginkgo tree planted in the garden so concentrated, the "green city" of the road, can also be a golden chance to jump out of the harvest. 1. Loop: North Sanhuan, West Sanhuan, South Sanhuan, Zhongzhou avenue. 2. The main road: Central Plains Road (West Sanhuan between the city of Victoria to the west, the road on both sides of the ecological corridor), Cultural Road (to the north of North Sanhuan between the city of Victoria Road in the zone), and the University of South Road (sea road to the Yangtze River Road between). Ginkgo fruit good.相关的主题文章: