Wei Jizhong whether or not Lang Ping is the key to the Chinese women’s volleyball team (video)-marie digby

Wei Jizhong Lang Ping: whether to continue coaching women’s volleyball Olympic Chinese is key to interview Lang Ping: Hong Kong Heritage elite women’s volleyball team spirit everyone needs fighting spirit, whether Lang Ping will continue to teach China volleyball? Freelance: International Volleyball Federation honorary president, OCA honorary life vice president Wei Jizhong Lang Ping to continue coaching China women’s volleyball is the key problem in the women’s volleyball team China. My personal view is as follows: 1 Lang Ping’s hard work today, the Chinese women’s volleyball team in is not easy. Lang Ping said to me, a group of young willing to practice good materials, the lack of basic skills in the hands of time. I think there has been obvious progress, this also less. Way clear, to continue to go on. 2 Lang Ping’s coach than the general manager to teach a man to teach, tired, technology, coaching to teach spot to cope with change. Spend too much effort. This makes her feel tired more than any other coach, a sense of not from the heart, because her heart is very high, a strong sense of responsibility. 3 if Lang Ping continue to teach, you need to have her letter to help her snacks. If Lang Ping can not continue to teach, she practiced the road, her successful teaching should also inherit and develop. An athlete with solid basic skills is better to teach because she wants to be able to do it. Chinese women’s volleyball team needs a large number of good conditions, the basic skills for the selection of athletes.相关的主题文章: