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Where are the opportunities after the slump? Under the influence of European stock markets fell Monday, A shares opened down, then all day long has been in a low state tug. Plate, in addition to the tourism plate slightly floating infrared, a large green market. A shares do not have what decent disk support forces, the concept of PPP model can weight plate linkage of some infrastructure, but recently they have a lot of gains, consume more power to do more, so difficult to chengqihou. In addition to bad news on the external market, A shares of the market itself is a major factor in the long and short game fell for several days, making the market more Fuchou shock, need to be adjusted. The operation, do not recommend blindly low margin, wait for the market to give daily level stabilized signal. For the collapse of the peripheral market, the impact of geometry on A shares? What adjustments should we make to the operation of the A share market? Attention and care products, daily morning, professional senior investment consulting team, will answer your questions. (subscription and investment direction of investment and investment outlook view) has been based on sound and solid target, for investors to tap the A stock market that the higher price of the company. The rise and fall in the market is a normal phenomenon, and what we need to do is to minimize the risk, and firmly grasp the existing income. Here we take a look at stocks in September 12th and early in the performance of IT investment products. The announcement and Irving gold column prompted RongTai in Guangdong, the Hong Kong Group of today’s outstanding performance, intraday gains were: 7.52%, 3.61%!     and the popularity of the star that investment in the column, Sichuan Shuangma south of the Five Ridges holdings, today’s intraday gains were: 10.02%, 7.24%! In addition, the two stocks were recommended in the last Thursday, and the short-term profit margins were 33.16% and 16.36% respectively!     read the market, understand the macro policy, the market will never lose opportunities, but lack of insight to find opportunities. Under today’s market falls, the investment value of many stocks, but also with the release of market risk, and increasingly prominent. Capital market is the place where a few people make money, the key is whether you have the courage, insight, see the value of others have not yet seen. To improve their investment income, investment and attention, from the macro to plate daily before the panel, then to stock. Of course, you also need to have the courage to keep up with the pace of investment, and! If you can, subscribe to it! 暴跌之后的机会在哪里? 受欧美股市大跌的影响,周一A股开盘向下跳空,然后全天一直处于低位拉锯状态。板块方面,除了旅游板块微微飘红外,市场绿油油的一大片。A股盘面上没有什么像样的护盘力量,ppp模式概念能联动一些基建的权重板块,但是近期它们已经有了不少的涨幅,做多力量消耗较多,因此难成气候。除外围市场的利空消息影响,A股市场本身的多空博弈才是下跌的主要因素,多日震荡使得市场浮筹较多,具有调整的需要。操作上,不建议盲目低位补仓,等待市场发出日线级别止跌信号。对于外围市场的暴跌,对A股影响几何?后市对于A股市场的操作我们要做哪些调整呢?关注优投顾每日早间产品,专业、资深的投顾团队,将为您答疑解惑。(订阅优投顾查看后市投资方向)优投顾一直以来本着稳健扎实的目标,为投资者挖掘A股市场中那些性价比较高的公司。市场里的上涨和下跌,都属于正常现象,而我们要做的就是将风险降到最低,牢牢地把握住已有的收益。下面大家一起看看9月12日优投顾早间产品中的个股表现吧。优投顾之公告淘金栏目中提示的广东荣泰、上港集团今日表现突出,盘中涨幅分别为:7.52%、3.61%!  优投顾之人气妖星栏目中提示的四川双马、岭南控股,今日盘中涨幅分别为:10.02%、7.24%!另外,这两只股在上周四就在产品中推荐过,短线获利空间分别为:33.16%、16.36%!  看懂市场,了解宏观政策,市场永远不缺失机会,而是缺乏发现机会的慧眼。今日市场普跌之下,众多个股的投资价值,也随着市场风险的释放,而日益凸显。资本市场是少数人赚钱的地方,关键在于你是否有勇气,有眼光,看到别人还未看到的价值。提高自己的投资收益,关注优投顾,每日盘前从宏观到板块,再到个股。当然,还需要你能够有勇气,跟上优投顾的步伐!如果你可以,那么就订阅吧!相关的主题文章: