Winning Customer Service Tips For A Virtual

Business A virtual assistant is not only the go-to person for their client. A virtual assistant always has to be looking for a way to impress their client and to show their true value. If you just .e in and do the basic job, i.e., not doing anything more than you need to and rarely meeting your goals, chances are good that the client will look elsewhere. A virtual assistant needs to have impeccable customer service skills; not only for their client but also for the tasks they handle for their client. What matters? Listen and Follow Through The top tasks that a virtual assistant needs to do are these: – You need to listen to what your client needs and you need to follow through on anything that you say you will do. A virtual assistant needs to fulfill his or her .mitment even in less-than-perfect situations. Finding a way to do both is necessary, as it shows that you will do as you say you will. – Turn in projects on time. – Be sure to follow directions as provided to you by the client. This will ultimately determine your worth to the individual. Ask Questions While asking the same questions over and over again is a sure fire way to lose your VA position, asking questions one time is a great way to grow your knowledge so you can do even better for the client. For example, if working on a data base system and are unsure of how to fill out one field, asking a question about that field allows the client to know you are paying attention. Then, later, you may be able to apply that knowledge to another question you have. .municate Timely It does not matter if you are doing a job for the client or you are dealing with your client, .munication is essential. Talk to your client often, letting them know the status of the project. If they ask for a daily check-in, be sure to do that. If they expect you to meet a goal each month and there is a problem in doing so, .municate that problem, too. .munication may be over the phone, over the Inter. through email, or even instant messenger. The goal here is to keep them informed, answer their questions quickly, and to respond as needed to problems. It shows your dedication. What else can you do to ensure that your client is happy and that his or her job goes well? Be honest about problems. Confront issues upfront, before they worsen. Keep your word and do your best with every task. If you are spending too much time surfing the web instead of doing the work they need, eventually they will find out. Instead, do the best you can and your customer service skills will be just what they need. Copyright (c) 2009 Ann Brown About the Author: 相关的主题文章: