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Wu Yifan unveiled the "grand track" premiere of the seven Baron acting won the praise of the Tencent entertainment news yesterday, the movie "grand track" premiere held in Beijing Wukesong studios, starring Wu Yifan red carpet and the theater will meet. The seven Baron silver film Wu Yifan plays with a gentle personality and beautiful appearance by video screams, and after the meeting, Wu Yifan is a cape to show the seven Baron aura, the audience standing ovation praise. The movie "grand track" as the film Guoneishoubu fully CG, with the impact from the visual, but whether the actor or the shooting group is a new challenge. In the interview, Wu Yifan said: a lot of the lens is the need for our own imagination, no physical performances, there are a lot of reality does not appear." Yesterday as the premiere of the film, you also starred with the audience to see the full version of the film. At the end of the film, the audience hall all collective stand to the creator gave warm applause. The audience said: "Wu Yifan’s silver to fully restore the character in the book, some cold but very gentle, more viewers said the seven Baron silver called" Yan value play "in the movie, handsome face, smooth play fighting skill. After the meeting, the audience said: Wu Yifan’s eyes are very dramatic, can feel the character itself contains a great sorrow." When Wu Yifan was in a blue cape appearance, the auditorium audience excited, shouting dust Wu Yifan, a very warm atmosphere. The movie "grand track" will be held today to eleven theaters across the country, the holidays bring a visual enjoyment.相关的主题文章: