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Xu Qing crowned Paralympic Games "ten king" Chinese continues to lead the medal – Sohu sports Xinhua Rio De Janeiro September 10th sports news (reporter Zheng Zhi He Jun) the "shark" Rio pool has not yet put fangs, the day before won two gold, Chinese swimmer Xu Qing 10 days and won his four Paralympic Games experience in tenth gold medals, but also one of the Chinese delegation on six gold medals, Chinese Teams leader continued to appear on the medal tally. Today at the opening of the Paralympic Games after the first weekend, the audience flooded into the Olympic Park, bus station and ticket office scene used to describe not too crowded. Enter the Olympic water sports stadium audience witnessed the Chinese Xu Qing athletic career milepost player, in the men’s S6 class 50 meter freestyle race, the lost one half to 28 seconds 81 arm swimmer to win results. Although he failed to break four years ago, he created a world record in London, but this is his fourth Paralympic Games journey of the gold medal of the tenth. After Xu Qing Nanyi excitement, right shoulder has a shark tattoo he said, the tenth gold medal at the Paralympic Games for their extraordinary significance, is a milepost in life. The day before the game, he was very nervous, slept less than four hours, the middle of the night cramps also woke up. Xu Qing will also participate in another two gold medals. He wrote in his circle of friends: "I will work hard, not to return to WeChat and blessings, I really do not have the strength!" Xu Qing with pool operations Jia Hongguang also in the project for the Chinese team to win a bronze medal. 10, the national anthem at the pool of three plays, 16 year old Xu Xihan in his first Paralympic trip to S5 women’s 50 meter butterfly gold medal for career was put on a thick and heavy in colours. S3 Peng Qiuping in the women’s 50 meter backstroke and teammate Meng Guofen won the gold medal and the silver medal in this event, in the final, she put herself in the preliminaries just created 49 seconds again to refresh the world record of 91 to 48 seconds 49. Peng Qiuping said that the warm atmosphere in the stadium gave her good luck and encouragement. 40 year old Yuan Yanping in the blind judo women’s competition in the event of more than 70 kg of, the player of the year old, Uzbekistan, in the battle between the old rivals, the last laugh at the end of the game, and then, in the end of the game, the first time in the face of the old woman, who was more than 24 years old. However, she said that this is not the best condition, and look forward to one day be able to beat their opponents. In the evening of the game, Li Zhangyu in the men’s 1 km C1 – 2 – 3 individual time trial for the Chinese Legion added a gold medal. Track and field also came the news of Yang Liwan in the women’s shot put F54 games 7 meters to 89 grades on the highest podium. After today, Chinese delegation has won 26 gold medals, 24 silver medals and 19 bronze medals achievement, ranking second in the UK has won 15 gold medals, medals for a total of 35 pieces. (end)相关的主题文章: