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Yankees: Spanish cattle Jiepan found a steady squeeze away Belarus Yankees cattle bile victory in 14 phase 16172 lottery game refers to a lose 12, two / two or three are from the five world Field South American pre nine field is the European pre compensate. The 16173 phase of the outcome of the game is the world’s first round of the world cup in the four round of the tournament, the time span of 2 days, at 13 on the morning of the 8, at 14 on the morning of 6, six games. The rest of the world lottery more real-time recommendation please download APP reading. This refers to as many as 10 games support the disc half above the market, including nine games for the home team to get the ball, is likely to open again Hot pot award. Austria 01 D VS   3 1  Ireland; 11-13 01:00 the preliminary group D. Austria 30] world this year nearly nine games 2 wins 2 flat 5 negative poor record, the first three rounds of the European pre 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative, home court battle Pingban concessions from 2-2 draw with Welsh; Ireland [World 33] world Europe pre 2 wins, 1 unbeaten, away in a 3-1 win over Moldova. The last 2013 World Cup qualifier against Austria trailing off his flat unbeaten. Europe refers to the 99 average 1.97  3.33  3.90: equivalent to 0.98 disk main let hemisphere high water disc potential adverse. William, Hill. 2 =   3.20  = 4.33; 2:   3.40  and Libo;; 4.20 = guest wins compensate to high. Check lottery 31. 02 D Georgia VS Moldova   3 check 31 world qualifying group D. Two rounds before the last two ranked most highly, is playing the role of soy sauce. Georgia [World 122]1 flat 2 negative, ball half upset by the recent road 1-1 draw with Welsh; Moldova [173] three World War defeats ranked bottom, scoring 1 goals to lose 10 balls. The 2011 most recent match against Georgia has won a goal of 2-0. Europe refers to the 99 average 1.49  3.80  = 7.51; equivalent to the disk main let a ball high water dish 0.98 potential guide. William. Hill 1.53    = 3.60; 7.50 = 1.50 and   = Libo; 3.80  7.50: lower level compensation are suspected of inducing disc. Radio 3 lottery, check 31. 03 I Croatia VS Iceland   31 world qualifying group I. The first three are 2 wins and 1 draws unbeaten 7 points ranked the top two. Croatia world 16] this year nearly 11 games 7 wins, 4 unbeaten, the European pre home court ball 1-1 draw with Turkey Iceland concession; [World 21] European Cup qualifiers away from dark horse, hemisphere 1-1 draw with Ukraine. Croatia 3 wins and 1 dominant track. Europe refers to the 99 average 1.43  4.28  7.46: equivalent disk main let a ball low water plate heat tends to 0.85. Hill William 1.44 .相关的主题文章: