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Yu Yong: a modern city to speed up the construction of the competitive struggle – Anhui channel — on people.com.cn Yong in Fuyang city China party report on the Fifth Congress of Comrades: now, on behalf of the Communist Party of China Fuyang Committee of the fourth report to the general assembly. A change in the five years, ahead of the Fourth Party Congress in the past five years, is the most significant change in the history of Fuyang of five years. In the face of severe and complicated macroeconomic situation and the arduous tasks of reform and development, the Party led the majority of Party members and cadres and the masses, thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary of the party’s eighteen, eighteen third, fourth, fifth plenary session and the Xi Jinping series of important speech, earnestly implement the central and provincial Party committee’s decision to deploy, strengthen the construction of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and Party victory, determined to complete the mission objectives, the fourth party congress. — the comprehensive strength in the advanced reach a new stage. The city’s major economic indicators in the forefront of the province’s total order of precedence, the main economic indicators of growth, the growth rate in 2015 5, the first 10 of the province’s top six. "12th Five-Year" period, the gross output value of over 5 billion yuan mark, reaching 126 billion 750 million yuan. Above scale industrial added value, total retail sales of social consumer goods, fiscal revenue more than doubled, reaching 50 billion 350 million yuan, respectively, $67 billion 470 million, $20 billion. Completed 337 billion 500 million yuan investment in fixed assets, is 11th Five-Year, the times of 3.1 times. Above scale industrial added value by the end of 11th Five-Year, the province’s twelfth ranked in the top seventh. The number of new enterprises above the scale of the province for many years, the output value of over 415 yuan of enterprise, is the 11th Five-Year at the end of the 4 times. Strategic emerging industry output growth is the first, Taihe pharmaceutical industrial base was identified as the province’s first cluster development base. Fuyang coal based new materials Industrial Park has become one of the 5 characteristics of the chemical industry park. Provincial Development Zone Development to 10, 233 square kilometers, operating income growth is the first, and the construction of Modern Industrial Park Fu walk in the forefront of the province’s North South cooperation to build the park. The management of agricultural concept rooted people, and promote the strategic adjustment of agricultural structure, agricultural products processing industry output growth for 5 consecutive years to maintain around 20%, was named the national food production advanced city, national agricultural science and Technology Park was created successfully, Yingshang Taihe national modern agriculture demonstration zone approved. To speed up the construction of Logistics City, Linyi mall, Fuyang automobile trade logistics park and Wanda Plaza opened, youth business park and Alibaba "characteristics of industrial zone and the Fuyang Museum has built Taobao. Hangzhou high iron, iron, Fugao Zheng Fu six railway, six high-speed, high-speed, Fu Fuxin Shayinghe waterway, Fuyang port lock, Yingzhou and other infrastructure projects, and a total investment of 20 billion yuan of JAC heavy truck production base, seed in eco industrial park, cigarette factory and other six industrial technical innovation project successfully completed or accelerate, Fuyang will enter the era of high-speed rail. The total economy of five counties were over ten billion yuan, Yingshang County exceeds 20 billion yuan, Taihe County in 2015 the growth rate of the province’s first. Urban and rural construction in the coordinated development of a new atmosphere. "Four in one" urban and rural development system initially formed,相关的主题文章: