Yulin 95 small stab people dead and the guy mother’s emotional entanglements (video)-jinshen

Yulin 95 small stab people dead and the guy mother emotional entanglements pictures from rural Shaanxi network October 30, 2016, White Bay town of Dingbian County murder case. Dingbian Public Security Bureau after careful investigation, in the rapid detection of the "10.30" case. In October 30th 9, the Bureau Command Center received a public warning: in Bai Wan Zi Zi Zhen Bai Wan Cun in Dingbian County, a man was stabbed with a knife after death. After the alarm, Dingbian County Public Security Bureau to act quickly, the director and deputy director Liu Yabin, Liu Junxiang, Bai Wanzi led the police brigade police station rushed to the scene the first time, quickly carry out on-site inspection work, at the same time to the scene as the center to carry out the investigation work. The tense and orderly work, initially identified the surname Wang (male, Han nationality, born in October 17, 1997, Huang Wan Dingbian County Village) is a major crime suspects. The suspect surname Wang knew that after committing the crime of serious crimes, not long, because of legal deterrent and pressure, Dingbian County Public Security Bureau to surrender, and confessed to the crime on their own. The investigation: Wang Su mother and the dead have emotional entanglements, October 29th, in retaliation for Wang Su, buy a knife in the White Bay Town, and later to the White Bay Village Su Su, and argue and dispute, 30 am, Wang Moumou stabbed with a knife to the Su death. At present, the suspect surname Wang has been Dingbian County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Note: the video is only extended reading. Dalian man was stabbed dead because of a little run in the supermarket

榆林95后小伙捅死人 死者与小伙母亲有情感纠葛图片来自陕西农村网2016年10月30日,定边县白湾子镇发生一起命案。定边公安局经过缜密侦查,于当日快速侦破“10.30”命案。 10月30日9时许,该局指挥中心接到群众报警称:在定边县白湾子镇白湾子村,一男子被人用刀捅伤后身亡。接警后,定边县公安局迅速行动,局长刘亚斌、副局长刘军祥带领刑警大队、白湾子派出所民警第一时间赶赴案发现场,迅速开展现场勘验工作,同时以案发现场为中心展开走访调查工作。经紧张有序的工作,初步确定王某某(男,汉族,1997年10月17日出生,定边县黄湾村人)有重大作案嫌疑。犯罪嫌疑人王某某作案后自知罪行严重,难逃法网,迫于法律的强大威慑和压力,到定边县公安局投案自首,并对自己的犯罪事实供认不讳。经查:王某某母亲与死者苏某有感情纠葛,10月29日,王某某为了报复苏某,在白湾子镇购买一把刀子,后来到白湾子村苏某家,与苏某争吵并发生争执,30日凌晨,王某某用刀捅伤苏某致其死亡。目前,犯罪嫌疑人王某某已被定边县公安局刑事拘留,此案正在进一步审理中。 注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 大连男子只因一点口角 超市捅死人相关的主题文章: