Zhongyuan University of Technology campus, the man stabbed favorite-icesword

The campus of Zhongyuan University of Technology, man stabbed "love people" reporter trainee reporter Li Shuai yesterday morning 9 am, located in Longhu town of Xinzheng City, Zhongyuan University of Technology campus, the school girl was stabbed in the ground. Fortunately, the wounding man was controlled by the past students and the school canteen staff. Subsequently, 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene to take the injured girls away. At present, the injured girls have completed the operation, still in the hospital intensive care unit for further observation and treatment. Dahe reporter arrived, the scene is still in a state of martial law, two police are doing on-site investigation. The injured girl is a freshman, according to a senior student who claimed to be informed. 9 in the morning, the injured girl wearing slippers to the campus bath bath, and men in the bathhouse next to the forest path meet, two people because of emotional problems, the man will take out the fruit knife, stabbed to the neck of the girl. "At that time, when the man was taken away by the police, I heard him, and he shouted," let me see her again. She is my favorite person. "" The insider said. As to whether the wounding man is a student of the school, the reporter’s scene has been verified by more than one informed student. However, according to another student in the school, according to what he heard, the wounding man is not the student of their school, but the students of other schools nearby. At 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon, the reporter was informed by the second people’s Hospital of Henan province that the injured girl’s eyes had been opened, but they were still in anesthesia and could not speak. Subsequently, the injured girls were pushed to the intensive care unit by the hospital staff for further observation and treatment. At 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau on this matter, at present, the case is under further investigation. (Dahe River Dahe newspaper)

中原工学院校园内,男子捅伤“最爱的人”  □见习记者 李帅  本报讯 昨日上午9时许,在位于新郑市龙湖镇的中原工学院校园内,该校一女生被捅伤在地。所幸,伤人男子被过往的学生和校园食堂职工及时控制。随后,120急救人员赶到现场将受伤女生拉走。目前,受伤女生已完成手术,仍在医院重症监护室做进一步观察治疗。  大河报记者赶到时,现场仍处于戒严状态,两位民警正在做现场勘查。据该校一名自称知情的大三学生告诉记者,受伤的女生是一名大一新生。上午9时许,这名受伤的女生穿着拖鞋去校园内的澡堂洗澡时,与男子在澡堂旁边的林间小路相遇,两人因感情问题发生矛盾,男子便随手拿出身上所携带的水果刀,捅向女孩颈部。  “当时,那个男的被警察带走时,我还听到,他喊着‘让我再看她一眼,她是我最爱的人!’”这名知情人说。至于伤人男子是否是该校学生,记者现场向多名知情学生核实,仍未确定;但据该校另一名学生称,据他听说,伤人男子并不是他们学校的学生,而是附近其他学校的学生。  昨日下午4时,记者在河南省第二人民医院获悉,受伤女生的眼睛已经睁开,但其仍处于麻醉状态,不能开口说话。随后,受伤女生被医院工作人员推往重症监护室,做进一步观察治疗。  昨日下午5时许,记者就此事致电郑州市公安局获悉,目前,该案件正在进一步调查中。(大河网-大河报)相关的主题文章: